What tunes or podcasts do you listen to, if any, when you work out?

Jorge Q.
I listen to Audiobooks and podcasts.
Books include:
Getting Things Done,
Head Strong,
Game Changers,
The Power of Habit,
Willpower and many biographies and fiction as well.
Bulletproof Radio,
Twit (This Week in Tech)
Elektronista and GTD podcasts.
Kristina E.
Usually i listen to the musics which fresh me up at morning. Normally rap musics. You ca hear the you should watch me on the crown from billie eillish. Nice choice:)i work out ar evenings
Aaron N.
If I want to feel like a badass, then I listen to a lot of movie or video game soundtracks! They’re usually without lyrics but feel intense and powerful. Otherwise, I like to listen to something that can distract me from how tired I’m feeling. An exciting audio book or a true crime podcast usually can keep me going for a bit!
Kimberly F.
Im starting out atm and tbh I don’t love exercising, never have. So, I’ll stream Netflix to block more of my sensors to my plight (sound AND sight) 🤣 “Funny” keeps me squatting.
Hans Helmut X.
I switch back and forth depending on my mood. I either listen to talking books (generally lighter stuff so it isn't the end of the world if I zone out or am distracted by something) or any music that gets me in the mood to dance and sing aloud. That also changes a lot, but in general is either music from my teen/young adult years, current top 40 rock/pop (some rap sometimes but not as a genre, just interspersed in the hits), or country music hits from say 90's to current. Mostly I let mood dictate what I need. The more down and "don't wanna" I feel, the more up beat the music. I like listening to comedy either from say pandora or dry bar comedy too if I am really struggling with internal stuff. The laughing I inevitably start doing tends to be a good mood elevator for whole day, and helps me not just work out, but stay in a positive mindset even afterwards. Basically, whatever can in the moment keep me moving without requiring too much attention. If I try to listen to something technical or in depth anywhere but on a treadmill or stationary bike, I generally find I miss large chunks of the info as well am not as attentive to my surroundings as needed to be both working out with good form and safe. So, I would recommend spending sometime just picking out 3 or 4 go to music stations or playlists, and maybe a couple books and podcasts ahead of time. Keep shortcuts to those chosen items and to the apps you use to track health and fitness all together on one homescreen. Then you are just a couple mins turning on the music and trackers all in one place and then BAM! You are good to go! Happy fabulousing
Jerry T.
I listen to the same playlist every single day. It’s not even my favorite music, just something with a good beat. I now switch into workout mode as soon as that playlist starts. It makes the first minutes of my workout a lot easier!
Vinzenz O.
I listen to upbeat music, when I’m excercising or sometimes I don’t listen to music at all and I just listen to the instructor in the video
Till U.
That depends on the workout. If i go for a run I like up tempo or rock music.
Workouts at home I just like radio or a preset list from any workout playlists of Spotify. As long as their is a little beat in it!
Darren G.
I like to listen to music with good rhythm and a fast pace (my current favorite is Hayley kiyoko) when doing something a little more fast paced (dancing, core workouts, walking or running). When I'm doing yoga or other slower workouts, I'll listen to chillhop or other atmospheric and soft music!
Mille Z.
I don’t listen to anything whilst working. I don’t know why I don’t, but I tend to like the silence (or waywardness) of running.
Allie N.
BBC Learning English is my favorite podcast as i want to improve my English skills. I usually listen to it whenever i have free time
Lilou Q.
I don’t listen to anything when I’m working out. I am busy counting reps. When I go for walks, I take along a print out of scripture that I want to memorize and work on that while I walk.
Jimmy O.
I use my spotify playlist, otherwise I just pick one of them in the home. I recommend you to use those that are specifically designed for motivating you.
Nicole O.
I don't really listen to podcasts. I've tried, but its never something I'm into. I will listen to music and make an upbeat playlist. Often I'll pick songs for their length too. That way I know one song is a 4min run, plank, sprint, ect.
Philip Z.
I utilize Spotify for a lot of my podcasts and tunes. While I work out I listen to the playlist made from the program I'm currently completing – Liift 4
Peter F.
Very upbeat music, like drum and bass genre is an example. For podcasts, I like nutrition science, comedy and psychology sometimes.
Ronnie O.
I like to listen to quality type of music. I usually use the "This is" playlist on Spotify. It varies i genre from Rock to Soul, Reagge, Classical, Indie, modern music to oldies. I enjoy it all! 😊
Axel T.
I listen to playlists on Spotify. Usually Hip hop and dance music. The workout playlists are filled with energy-boosting tracks for all genres
Nicole E.
I try to listen to calm or relaxation music but sometimes I like to listen to music that makes me movivated to keep working out and trying to achieve my goals
Alison T.
I generally watch some learning tutorials during my workout. What I find is shne you are doing workout you can invest same amount of time to learn something new or atlest you should get to know about new technologies.
Ferenc F.
My go-to is the Walk to Run one mile program by Aaptiv. Been using it for almost a year and I feel so strong and have more endurance. Love the music they use and Jamie, the coach, is so encouraging.