How strict do you have to be with diet when wanting to reduce belly flab?

Mille C.
Belly flab most of the time is the result of high sodium levels in your diet. This happens because salt makes you thirsty so when you consume a lot of it your body stores liquids in the fat tissues, as a defense mechanism against high sodium levels. Also sugar is really bad for weight loss. Best diet is with less sodium and little to no sugar. You don't need to restrict your fat and protein intake as long as you exercise regularly.

Loan Q.
What I did is I made gradual lifestyle changes. First I made sure that junk food didn't make it into my house in the first place. Then I found a way to keep my water intake up. It helpsto drink a glass before meals. Next I went to a dietitian to find out why I was always hungry! It turns out that it was normal for me because I walk a lot! She said that everyone should eat every 2-4 hours depending on their activity levels. Every meal (breakfast, lunch, supper) should have a protein, a carb, and a fruit or vegetable. Every snack (between meals) should have a protein and a fruit or vegetable. Following this, I found that my diet didn't need to be that restritive. I wasn't as hungry at meal times so I didn't eat as much, and I ate more fruits and vegetables. Doing the help me lose 15lbs in one month.

Elsa E.
You can't target one area of your body with diet or exercise when losing weight. It comes off where it comes off based on your genetics and other factors. If you want to see it come off your belly then you just have to stick with it until it does. Also you may want to re-evaluate your reasons for dieting or dieting at all. Eating healthy for a healthy happy life and really understanding what that means and buying into it rather than crash dieting for a specific appearance goal is a more sustainable and kinder way to treat yourself. Whatever you decide – all the best 🙂

Faustine E.
I will probably have to be as strict as I can tobe able to lose weight and belly fat. Thanks for helping me remember that I can face my fears without over eating, especially sweets & sugar!

Hanna F.
You simply have to eat clean foods . Lots of fruits and veggies . Less carbs and salt , since they tend to cause bloating . Also , a healthy diet will induce weightloss which will get rid of that belly flab .staying hydrating also is a must .

Johnni J.
My understanding from someone more successful with this is: eating smaller portions at mealtimes & increase your vegetable & fruit intake. I personally try to stay away from sweets/candy as much as possible but I have not done well in December ( not been an easy month or as good for me, as other times of the year)I like to try to eat as vegetarian as possible, however, I have been eating chicken…I am struggling in the belly fat area.

Allen O.
To reduce belly we should prefer high saturated fat and medium protein with zero carb diet and adding up 30mins strength training….. Be active in day and have 8hrs sleep.

Ismet X.
I have to be really strict in order to honor my effort during my daily run. Bread is my weakness. I will watch my diet.

Micheal S.
I think a lot. I like the idea of learning a new way of eating rather than an estrict step by step diet. Eat mindfully, chew slow and stay hidrated.

Ronald S.
I don’t believe in “diets” or being “strict” with yourself. Think about eating lots of plant-based, high fibre, unprocessed food and Pilates or yoga?

Mathias X.
I am no expert but I know that some things are a big nogo in that case like empty calories of holy soda and chokolate. Important are good fats. Good for belly fat elimination are almonds (apparently max 8 per day), veggies and a loooooot of water. Control the fruit eating.

Jean Z.
According to Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar simply working out before breakfast in the morning helps your body burn excess fat. If you work out after breakfast your body will burn the calories you just ate rather than the fat lingering around your middle. She also suggests adjusting meal sizes so that the largest meal is midday followed by breakfast with the smallest meal being dinner. Also eating meals early and avoiding snacks after dinner will help. Eric Zielinski D.C. suggests diffusing grapefruit oil to curb cravings. Finally from my personal experience I say listen to your body and be patient with yourself. You know what foods make you feel healthiest so take time to listen to your body before you put something in your mouth. Also forming good habits takes a long time so be patient with yourself it's ok if you indulge occasionally. 😉

Jared O.
It’s probably not what we want to hear, but exercise alone will never improve body shape if you’re eating really unhealthily. It’s all about finding balance, let’s not call it being strict but just making sensible choices and trusting your instincts about what is a good food and what isn’t. Vegetables really great, burgers and fries probably not the best. Most fruit good, deep-fried food not so much. If you’re serious about changing your body, just remember that nutrition is the foundation to build a great future you, and make it last a long time.

James P.
When you lose weight you also lose belly fat. The easier way to restrict yourself and ultimately to lose some weight is by having a smaller plate of food.

Oscar C.
Lately, I've been pretty strict when it comes to diet. I don't eat bread, pasta and flour anymore. I stay away from fast food, sodas and any other junk food. I eat something sweet only in the weekend and I reduced the amount considerably. In addition exercise every day. HIIT training is the most effective.