How do you not fall asleep when trying to meditate first thing in the morning?

Everett J.
Focus all your thoughts and energy on setting your intentions for the day, setting out your goals and your objectives whilst determined the mood for the day. Dont think of meditation as being a "sleepy" activity, think of it as stretching and setting your intentions for the day! You should feel refreshed and ready x
Jackson X.
I do guided as well as non guided meditation..
The trick is to have the same special spot , same time and a time when there will be no disturbances around , and i do it after waking up so i am not sleepy and since u have already chalked out time for it you dont have anything on mind so focusing on the sound of guided meditation!
Mathis E.
To be honest, I don't meditate but I pray in the morning. It's better to do it in a sitting position and maybe if you need to literally wake up, I suggest you to meditate outside your bedroom and drink water first. Those two help to associate yourself to waking up instead of sleeping
Manga Z.
😅 Sorry, I've not started this one yet. But here is a tip I found on google: "Try moving before meditating. Take a walk, go for a run, or lift some weights, then sit down to meditate. The exercise can help raise your energy levels temporarily, usually long enough to get in a meditation without too much trouble." And I've also seen: drink water before, breathe fresh air and don't lie down or do it in bed.
Sebastian N.
Think of stuff that makes me happy and joyful.or what I am going to do that day. And then I won’t fall asleep because I’lol want to continue with my day.