What is your favourite exercise in the morning?

Nicola F.
I undertake about 20 minutes of stretching strengthening and balancing activities. By doing this my body is ready for the day. My mind has focussed upon how my body feels and I can celebrate a positive healthy start to my day.
Sylvio M.
I work on the farm every day and the morning work is great exercise. Walking, lifting, carrying, pulling, and pushing. Mucking out, bags of feed, buckets of feed and water, moving hose pipes for filling water troughs.
Rita U.
I do exercises by watching YouTube videos. My favourite channel is by Lucy-Wyndham Read. Absolutely love her very effective exercises.
Renata T.
Yoga has always been my favorite morning exercise! YouTube has a great assortment of guided sessions, but Yoga with Adrienne is my favorite channel. Start with some of the easy morning yoga routines!
Katarzyna N.
My favorite exercise to do in the morning is the 4 minute Fabulous core workout. It gets me going, is quick, and makes me feel good about myself. Good luck with your morning workouts!
Paula N.
Since I have some physical challenges, I love the Fabulous 1 min "Just get moving" routine. I repeat it about 3 times and adapt it for my needs. It really helps me get going in the morning.
Mohit X.
I like simple exercises which make me satisfied that today's exercise regime is completed ( atleast in starting ) such as short planks , high knees , pushups .. etc , mainly cardio exercises