What kind of exercises do you generally do in the morning and do you have breakfast before the exercise of after?

Kayla T.
I typically do a short 15-20 minute walk, and then hold off breakfast till afterwards. But coffee does come first. Also, sometimes I fit in a super quick (like 5 minutes) of indoor cycling because even though my mornings are rushed with a toddler this gives me a burst of positive energy that makes me move more throughout the day. It doesn’t take much to be really effective! And I’m more likely to do a longer bike session at night when I start the day right
Roary N.
I like to eat breakfast within the first 30 minutes of being awake and get that out of the way. I will say that making sure I eat breakfast every day no matter what is a new thing for me and I’ve noticed a big change in my mood throughout the day just eating breakfast every morning.

I exercise an 1-2 hours after I’ve been awake. What works for me is an exercise regimen by week. For instance, one week I’ll do the elliptical for 30 minutes and lift some weights and then the next week, I’ll focus on strength training or core training, that way I don’t get SO BORED with either but also I don’t have to decide what random workout to do everyday.

Alex H.
Yoga or walking. Normally not mood for high intensity workout. I eat after as it makes me hungry for breakfast, then I am able to eat more, meaning can last till lunch
Emily P.
I actually don't do my exercises in the morning. I go for a walk, and I do that first thing when I get up. I walk between 1-2 miles and drink my water, then I have breakfast later with my family. I lift weights after lunch while my kids are having quiet time and I do arm and bodyweight exercises. Curls, push ups, jumping jacks, and HIIT workouts make up mostly what I do.
Marten F.
In the morning, I do two exercise flows, each only 4 minutes.
First, I do some basic exercises and stretches to wake up my body. I follow this routine https://youtu.be/epabz6dGapw
It includes planks, downward dog, squats and lunges.

Afterwards, I do a quick 4 minute interval flow:
That gets me going and energized for the day – plus, it gets the fat burning machine started 😉

Allan F.
i usually go for a run or jump rope with some free weights and body weight exercises. My morning workouts are usually in the fasted state which promotes growth hormons and really getting the most out of my intermittent fasting, i usually keep fasting for a few hours after, if i can until the afternoon
Nelson Y.
I like to vary my exercise depending on how I feel. Sometimes I want to do a challenging hiit workout. Other times I may just want to take a walk or light jog. Every week though I aim to strength train all major muscle groups at least twice a week. And stretch every time I work out. I have to have a small breakfast before working out for energy. Fruit usually and a handful of nuts.
Noham Y.
I don't usually do an exercise, I just woke up and then eat breakfast. Late breakfast to be exact. My usual breakfast are coffee and bread
Belinda Z.
In my ideal world I exercise for 30 minutes every morning after I drink water and after a cup of 1/2 caffeine coffee. Mon/Wed/Fri I do a full body workout with light weights/ resistance Tue/Thursday , I focus on cardio/stretching/yoga. I like to use a balance board and the elliptical. Sat/Sun, I walk or hike at a more relaxing pace at various times of the day as my schedule allows.
Maarten O.
I use Just Dance Now as a method for morning exercise. If you play two songs it will be on average of 8 minutes. And I do this routine before breakfast because for me it works just better that way. It doesn't mean that it's advised. You can check out for yourself what works best or not.
Amy E.
I have breakfast after I exercise because I often feel exercise makes me feel a little bloated so I think eating after wards helps to make that bloating go down.

I usually do lower body workouts like legs, thighs and glutes because that’s just what I want to improve on at the moment

Rachel Z.
YouTube video https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVt_jagIjOXcf0bP2GO2Y6jwvIRTx_LnQ for stretch and the app Fitingo for exercise
Kirstie U.
I do more yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️ in the mornings or just a very light workout. I normally eat afterwards but do make sure I drink a lot of water or even a vitamin drink before hand 😊
Aj N.
I have been struggling a little bit we’re getting enough time for exercise so at this moment I’m just trying to get moving. But sometimes I can get moving while I wait for some thing to warm up in the microwave or I wait for coffee to brew. The kitchen is actually becoming a place where I feel more and more comfortable doing things like jumping jacks! If I feel motivated to run or do some thing a little bit more high impact I tend to exercise before eating since I don’t want to feel bogged down by the food or get stomach upset. I also find that I am not really in the mood for a heavy breakfast right after working out and that has beenBeneficial to me as well because I am trying to lose a bit of weight and develop healthier eating habits.
Leran S.
I do strength training 4 times a week and one spin class in the morning. I don't eat before my I exercise but have a drink of hot lemon water every morning before I head off to the gym.
Sophia N.
thank you so much for the question! i love to do a mini stretch for around 10 minutes to wake up the muscles, then i do a twenty minute tabata workout (there’s a whole bunch on YouTube if you’re looking for one), and I always always always eat breakfast before my workout, otherwise you would be running with no fuel! hope this helps :))
Moua Z.
From my many different variations and testing around, food makes me more bloated or heavy so I try to do s light workout or yoga before. Or if i have a light breakfast like nuts or fruits, I can do it after eating.
Manon T.
Sometimes I do yoga and stretching, and when I do so, I do it before my breakfast. But sometimes I feel the need to do something more energizing so I do some squats, burpees, push-ups… and when I do it, I do it after breakfast
Glen O.
I usually do my workout in the evenings cuz that's when I have energy the most and I have my breakfast first before any workouts. I will eat food that gives me more satiety so I don't get hungry quickly. When I do my workout, it's basically routine. I enjoy the most when I do cardio workout as I burn alot of calories. Pamela reif or Bailey Brown are my current fav right now. When I feel the most energetic, I will pump up with some afro dance workouts as well. Generally, I can say I like do to HIIT workouts because you move every parts of your body.
Margrit X.
It depends. On work days, I cycle in so I have breakfast before I go. At the weekend I do yoga beforehand to wake up nice and slowly and ease into the day.
Other days i go for long walks or to play football in the park with my children, so again that's breakfast first. Personally, I find adapting my routine around the needs of my day to be the best way to stick to it. It's different for everyone though. Good luck!
Dante O16 N.
I normally have breakfast first, wait about half an hour to start doing exercise… and lastly I do cardio of low impact in the morning, or some stretching exercise… 😊
Gladys W.
I try to do excercise that doesn't require a lot of space or equipment. If I have the time for a run/long walk then I'll do that instead. I normally eat before excercise because I can be quite hungry when I wake up. It's probably better for me to have it after though.
Brett F.
I like to do a light exercise session focused on mobility usually, such as a primal movement type, animal flow series of drills or some rope rolling/flow. These things get the heart rate up gradually, are challenging and fun. I find this gives me extra vigour for the day ahead!💪
Zali P.
Dance to my music if I’m feeling ‘lazy’, doing some of the suggested quick exercises by fab or walking my dog. I have my breakfast before so that I’m already up and moving and fuelled. However sometimes if I’m feeling sluggish I will try to get my blood pumping before breaky to help motivate me!
Neil O.
I usually do abs exercises from youtube for 15 minutes. Once every week, I do jumping rope while listening to music. I usually do my exercises before breakfast because a full stomach makes me lazier to move around.
Susanna O.
As a general rule I use the 1 minute workout. My main target is to try and walk 10 thousands steps every day. Sometimes I walk less than that a day. If that’s the case I’ll walk double the amount of steps the following day. I tend to eat after, although it depends on the weather. Hope this helps you.
Lee F.
It really depend. I get bored easily so I’m always doing different workouts in the morning but I always make sure they’re a good mix of cardio and strength training. So think hiit maybe 2-3 times a day, yoga/barre and weight lifting for the rest. Defo breakfast after working out cuz exercising with a full stomach is uncomfortable and I always use breakfast as a motivation to workout harder.