Do you do stretches on your rest days to help muscles or work all parts of the body every time you exercise so your muscle pain is less focused?

Karla Y.
personally, not everyday, i mean sometimes i like to do some yoga because it’s also form of relaxation and workout well it’s not hahah, but there’re surely nice:) although i recommend yoga
Victoria C.
I have to stretch well before and after each time I work out. I have fibromyalgia, so anything I can to help reduce pain is a must. If there is a particular muscle that has been worked harder than the others, then stretching, biofreeze, and massage help a lot. I know that if my muscles hurt from working out, I need to gently use them to get past the pain, and if I hurt because of fibromyalgia, I need to rest.
R My B.
I hate exercises but I like to watch a walk at home video & do walking. routine in my home. Sometimes I get bad leg cramps or sometimes in feet, I get up slowly& walk slow for few mins.then march in place slow pace pick up speed when cramps ease up a total of 20 mins. Has really help me with this type of leg pain days of rest I just rest , Linda S
Emily C.
Stretching can be done every day and foam rolling is good for muscles if feeling tense or sore after a workout. Can use a tennis ball instead.
George Z.
I've only started exercising 4 days (1 outdoor running and 2 pilates days) ago but yeah today I'm thinking of not doing one but rather stretch a bit and take a walk
Gabriella O.
Well I organize 3 days of the week (at least ) to excersise; leg day, belly fat burn ; and the last but not the least for back and arms. And I stretch before and after my workouts
Fabien Q.
Yes , I do every morning when me wakeup 1st drink a glass of water then go to wash room and fresh, next exercise every part of my body neck, hand, leg , back, hip, & 20 deeps also
Gabi N.
Yes but its important to warm up your muscles before you stretch something a simple as jumping jacks and squats usually do the trick for me.