When exercising do you follow the same program every day? Do you follow a schedule which involves growth or do you usually invent your activity?

Roberta C.
I usually walk about 8,000 steps in the morning, when possible. Or I just move around, stretching or doing yoga for 8 minutes 😉
Simon Z.
At the moment i follow every morning the same schedule for my stretching but I will change it soon, to improve myself, maybe changing with yoga positions! In my opinion it's good follow the same routing for a bit, just to not stress yourself every morning.
Johanne C.
Yes I tend to switch depending on what day so if I feel to do cardio I'll dance and if I feel to work on muscles I'll do one aimed at the type of muscle but.mostly just like to get moving as it feels goof
Elle B.
No, I split upper and lower body weight workouts, and a day of yoga/stretching. Upper consists of shoulder press, bent over row, chest press, good mornings, face pull, big compound movements.lower generally, Front squat, bugarian split squat, leg press. Leg curl, leg extension. And basic stretches with a couple for specific issues at the time like it band, or shin splints, shoulder flexibility, ( important for bar weights)
Biz G.
I like to mix it up day-to-day. I listen to my body and understand which parts I need to focus on for that day. I do a lot of stretching because it calms my mind and is a great way to get loosened up for whatever the day brings. I’ll go on a walk to get some fresh air or do an an workout to build my strength. I love that everyday I get to work on myself and my body.
Rasmus P.
Lately, I am picking from the quick lists to keep moving forward but do plan to branch out more as I progress in strength
Melody X.
I never do the same exercise daily. I work different parts of my body and strengths. I use Beachbody on Demand and make hybrid workouts customized to my level of fitness and age. I use ZUMBA and Body FX and I enjoy Metabolic Renewal. I go for walks and dance when I can.
Ashley T.
When I’m trying to get the habit to stick I do the same thing every day, so I don’t have to think about it. Once I don’t have to depend on willpower to work out I will do something different.
Gladys C.
I listen to my body and do what I feel I need/can handle. Some days I'll can go all out and do sprints and crossfit workouts. Other days, a leisurely walk or bike ride is what I need. Sometimes something in between. Sometimes nothing at all is best. Get in tune with your body and listen closely. All that being said, on the days that I can go hard, I do and I will try to progress in my fitness a little farther each time. If a biked 10 miles last time, I'll bike 11 this time and so forth.
Irene Z.
I am still struggling to exercise every day. I have been doing a simple 7 minute workout or 20 laps of my pool. So far I’ve been able to keep a streak doing that. Of course ultimately I need to get back to more serious exercise but right now my priority is building the habit.
Edward C.
I use a yoga app every day to spend about 20 minutes practicing. The great thing is, the app varies the poses each time, and gives me new things regularly, so I always feel like I'm making progress.