What do you do for better sleep?

Tango N.
It's usually advised to calm oneself atleast half an hour before you go to sleep. You can switch off your TV and put your phone aside too. Have a glass of warm milk mixed with turmeric and brown sugar. Brush your teeth, wash your face, use the bathroom and by now you'll definitely be relaxed. You can well enough now.. And if not, you can put on some melodious music or song in your phone, set timer and place it in a table nearby and close your eyes. You'll be fast asleep soon.
Masoud Z.
Listening to relaxation music or reading a book, and also avoid using phone or laptop in about 1 hour before my bedtime.
Everardo Q.
I take a long warm shower, relax my mind and do my skin routine. I put the kettle on and pour myself a small cup of herbal tea. Put my pjs on dim my lights and sip on my tea while reading a book. I will put on a meditation podcast to help me fall asleep easier and peacefully