What exercises are in your morning routine?

Carol O.
A mixture of pilates and HIIT…I practice this to see how much further I can let my mind get in touch with my body without my body complaining. My mind sees it as perfect for me but the body might back down so I only focus on the end than the actual process…I am present during my workouts but I keep my thoughts on the attained goal ahead.
Isaac F.
I have a youtube playlist with easy morning yoga routines. Each morning I do one video and then I meditate. The videos are all designed to wake up your body, but they do vary in length and intensity so I just do whichever one fits in my schedule the best.
Pavithra E.
I get up, tidy my room,get dressed, eat, brush my teeth, do the chickens, get my lunch together and pack my bag then I get my shoes on and go!!
Richard F.
I personally don't like exercising so in order to break a sweat I dance since it refreshes me and makes me happy and refreshed for the day. But yes there are days I don't feel like dancing even though I love it those days I go out for walking with my fam since during this time I am able to spend time with my fam and am also able to burn few calories.