Would you rather compete against others or yourself when it comes to achieving performance goals?

Nieja Z.
Myself. Always. Because when you compete against others, once you pass them you can fall into getting comfortable. If you compete with yourself, the sky is the limit. There will never be a time when you can force yourself to believe you've done enough because you can always be better than your yesterday
Talo Q.
I don’t mind competing against others but achieving my goals is more of a personal achievement for me more than it is for others to notice
Melanie X.
I would like to compete against others rather than myself as it provides me with motivation to achieve my long term goal
Ronald Z.
I would rather compete against myself because an example of me competing against myself is when I do sports. Every sports I played, I push myself to achieve to the best of my ability. But on the other hand, competing with people will most likely encourage to give up. The whole situation of it makes me anxious. I would rather it be a situation where other people inpire me to achieve greater things than competing to be better. It will hurt me most if it comes to that.