Is it better to run or lift weights when trying to lose weight?

Maxime E.
I would rather run than lift weights I also don’t have weights also idk what would be better for loosing weight maybe I’ll do some research sometime 😉

Muhdhafiz U.
Its depend,if you overweight you should consider to lift weights than running cause run can make you injured but if you just fat,you can run,

Maryam F.
I am not completely sure, though I would assume that with different techniques for both running and weight lifting can help with losing weight, of course assuming that you have a good, healthy and balanced diet. Though, personally, I think that running would help burn calories throughout the body, using the lower body and the upper body while moving, and hence burning fat which will help with lose weight. The general principle for losing weight is to burn a portion of your calorie intake in order to lose weight. It depends on how much calories you are eating, and how much are you willing to burn—of course, it is better to start slow and gradually build stamina while listening to your body so as to not get hurt. 🙂

Friend G.
Both. Cardio is good for burning calories and losing weight faster, but weights will tone the muscles and give the body shape.

Veronica P.
I guess running makes more sense. I'm currently trying to gain weight as I'm so skinny, and I saw lots of Youtube videos advicing skinny people to lift weights to gain weight. So, I think running will do you better