What are some fun free ways to shake up your exercise routine for when it becomes to much of the same?

Pheonyx I.
Dance parties! Jumping around getting my body moving in anyway that feels good. Sometimes I’ll learn a dance move from YouTube and practice it! Have fun! Movement should be all about play! You could pick up a sport! Swimming at my local aqua center was always fun too!
Alejandro F.
I usually add or replace an element in my routine. Like, I added running a while ago, and in summer I replace that with cycling. Recently I started exercising with my partner. He sometimes gives an Idea for a change, then we decide together.
Emily C.
I try to learn a new skill by watching YouTube videos. E.g. a new style of dance, a calisthenics movement. The excitement of learning something new motivates me to continue with strength training/general fitness during the rest of the week