How I can stop hating exercise? :D

Mike Z.
I think we all go through this phase, why should I Exercise or it’s fine it doesn’t matter or we consider it a very heavy and impossible task in our routine making us hate it.

So to get out of it get yourself thinking , Why do I need to Exercise ? What are my goals ? Like for me I have a very simple goal to exercise that I want to be able to climb stairs 4 floors without feeling tired and hence I want to have a strong body and so I work for it.

You can do the same have a very small goal and do it initially you might feel like stopping it but giving yourself reward every time you exercise can help , it’s called reinforcement in psych

All the best!

Akpan T.
From experience, I've learned to listen to my body when it comes to exercising. I know when to do exercises of insane intensity, medium intensity, and mild intensity. And also when to take a break. So, I would suggest you listen to your body while exercising.

Ruby U.
Maybe change up your routine or use a fun one but you’ve got to make yourself do it the first few times then you’ll get into the flow of the routine