What changes did you make in your diet to support your exercise routine?

Ktec13 W.
I started by doing a bit of research into some of the different diets currently being promoted, such as keto, paleo, etc. Then I started slow by simply not snacking as much between meals, and consciously putting effort into making balanced meals, and making them from scratch whenever I had the time. I also kept fruit and nuts readily available to help myself choose the healthier options 🙂
Baptiste U.
I changed everything. I eat now a lot more than before, a lot of vegetables. I don't eat sugar except the natural one present in fruits. I eat cereals like oatmeal and rice. I eat red lentils with rice to have good proteins. I almost don't eat meat for the planet. I also eat cottage cheese and finally I drink 1,5L of water and 2 cups of green tea. If you want to know more about diet, there are really good videos on YouTube that talk about this. Have a great day !
Cami C.
First, I started having 4 meals per day instead of 3, so that helped me to reduce my portions a bit and also to include more variety in my diet. Also, I understood how many of each group I needed to have per day (fruits, veggies, carbs, fats, etc) and took the time to make a food calendar to at least plan the main meals each day of the week. Sometimes, if I crave something else, then I just switch to that and make sure I complement it with what I need to eat for that meal somehow. For example, for breakfast I need to eat fruit, veggies, protein, fat, carb and a dairy product, so I can have eggs with salted veggies and integral toasts with cheese and a fruit. Other day I could have french toasts (that already involve eggs and milk) with peanut butter and a fruit. So knowing about the groups that I need to have for each meal allows me to vary more. (:
Adeodato A.
I started counting the calories I eat and then based off that determine how many calories I need to burn during my exercise routine
Myrtle F.
I start planning my breakfast so I don't end up with coffe and biscuits in the morning trying to add some fruits to the first meal. I also set up some ready snacks for after the excersice, some almonds, some grapes or some carrots already washed put in tupperwares so is just grab and go
Santiago T.
I haven’t really made any changes to the contents of my diet to support my exercise, but as I workout more and more each day I’m eating bigger portions and snacking when I feel like it.
Luna O.
I am really anti-diet-change because I believe if you're getting the nutrients you need, are exercising, & are enjoying the food you eat then you are set for life. You don't need to restrict yourself, you just need to not stuff yourself 'til you feel gloated & groggy. Just eat & do what makes you happy & strong in YOUR way.