I normally start work at 6, what would you suggest I do for exercise?

Hannah W.
I think a really simple 7-10 minute workout first the in the morning is a great way governs start. It’s wakes your mind and body up, and it’s also surprisingly beneficial for fitness(even if it’s short).
I also think a walk at around lunchtime is really lovely.
Suzy U.
If exercising isn’t possible before starting work you can reserve some time before lunch for a light stretch or a mild exercise session. If you work from home this is even easier to achieve, you just need to unplug for 10-15 minutes and have at it. If you choose to do it this way completing your session after work is key for a complete workout .
Afsaneh L.
First you need to warmup your body and then move to other workouts like aerobics, zumba or cardio. And then cool down workouts at the end helps you to lower your heart rate.
Nicklas E.
At the moment what I do is walk & run.
I suggest you do what ever which is comfortable for you. It can be just stretching in 1st few days. That's how I started even.
Ani C.
Yoga, yoga and again yoga!!!
I can advise you tha app "Downdog". It's a great one!

You can control everything there: time, type, music, voice that will help u!

Also I wish you a wonderful day, I know you can do anything you want! Bye^֊^