Does anyone here do intermediate fasting for longevity and dislike the “morning breakfast routine”?

Brent Q.
I haven't done it myself but I've heard of friends who do it that it helped them lose weight. Not sure about impact on longevity
Diana U.
I don't fast personally so it hasn't bothered me, but you can remove habits from routines if they run counter to your lifestyle. Just hit the three lines (dots?) in the upper right portion of the checklist for the morning routine
Janette S.
I used to be a breakfast-must type of a person.

Until I read, even though breakfast seems to be very important for majority of people, it does not need to be that necessary for others.

And some better shall skip it at all.

I considered my feelings and found out, my craving for breakfast as soon as I woke up was only artificial.

Since then I have been eating my first meal of the day no sooner than I start feeling hungry.

Which usually is much later than it used to be.

It fits description of intermittent fasting, actually. Only I do not call it under this label and I have not started intermittent fasting on purpose.