What is your favourite habit that you regard as `life changing`?

Maricota E.
My favourite life changing habit was taking a water bottle with me wherever I go (within limits, of course). And, if I’m sitting somewhere, I always put it somewhere I can see it, as long as it’s not somewhere that would be seen as rude. I drink so much more than i used to! It’s a tiny little thing that’s really not hard to accomplish, but it helps a lot, and taking water with me now comes as naturally to me as taking my keys or my phone.
Adam B.
Waking up early in the morning, drinking water and running make me feel energised. "Long journey begins with a single step."👍
Billy U.
Eating breakfast! In the past I never ate breakfast, then found myself snacking on doughnuts, muffins, candy bars all day. I found that drinking water and eating breakfast left me less hungry and helped me to lose weight.
Alison E.
Making my bed
Nora S.
I started talking myself into exercising. When I started listing all the reasons or barriers , I’d catch myself and start my list of all the reasons why I want to exercise.
Layla Y.
Exercising. But more so the way I built it into my routine. With a full time job and toddler, I realized with this app that my usual 5am wake up to exercise that I did in college would NOT work for my life now. Knowing this has helped me navigate set backs before they begin in comparison to all of my previous attempts to make a workout routine (that ultimately failed). Now I am finally losing weight and feeling better! I can actually see myself accomplishing my goals long term. I am thinking about the food I put in my body, as well as the food I feed my family. And I’m actually taking my health seriously.
Emily X.
Definitely clean and tidying up my house. It’s nothing big but it makes a massive impact on my life. Just organizing for a few minutes a day help so much! Try it… even if you don’t like to clean it’s only two or three minutes!
Gerald Y.
For me the life changing habit is doing exercise daily for 30 mins as it helps me in staying fit and also helps me to relieve from all stress. It also motivates me to eat healthy and avoid junk food
Kent O.
I would say exercising is a habit that changed my life. Physically, I'm stronger now and able to do things that I can't before. I also sleep better. Mentally, it gave me the drive to push forward despite pain.
Jacob I.
Stretching and excercise. I've became more physically flexible and fit so that benefit is helpful and helps take my mind off things even if its only for 8min
Terry C.
The most basic one: drinking more water. I went from drinking 20 oz a day to drinking about 80 oz a day and so many things changed for the better.
Isaac G.
Drinking water is my life changing habit because I forget to drink water, and I can spend my day without drinking a glass of water, so staying hydrated give me a fresh start for the day
Jim W.
I love getting more involved in yoga. It is good for my body and mind.
Freddie E.
The best habit, which is still in progress for me, is no alcohol. Drinking wine at night seems to increase my appetite for sweets & it disrupts my sleep. When I don't drink, other good habits seem to naturally follow.
Kasper Z.
Setting aside time to do the things I love and I’m good at. When I do things successfully I feel important, productive, and happy. It affects all areas of my life.
Martin T.
Drinking water in the morning. It gives me energy and wakes me up. Adding apple cider vinegar also helps me go to the washroom and makes me feel lighter. The combination of the two is something I take every morning.
Giuliana N.
My most rewarding habit has been meditating on what I am grateful for. It is a huge perspective shift and it has impacted my relationships, my work and my energy for the better. On days when you feel like spiraling down, just try and list a few things that you love. Even simple things like tea or cat videos help turn back the spiral, bit by bit.
Adalsino A.
Building Celebration into a routine has been life changing. It seems to be the key to success. It is a moment to enjoy and it keeps the motivation high. My celebration is to stand in a V -arms in the air eyes closed and head up-to receive the blessings and bounty of the universe- then I might do a happy dance. It never fails to make me smile.
Sander X.
There are two that are life changing for me. But I have to go with exercising.
Now I cannot go a day without working out. That is regardless of the day or what happened the night before.
It helps with other changes. I guess I like feeling and then seeing the change that constant exercising brings. It sets you up for being able to handle everything else better. Stress is reduced and even repelled by your added strength.
I am one who never excersized regularly.

I finally realized and paid attention to the gradual negative changes to my body. I gained weight and lost stamina for simple things. I now can get down on the floor and up again without leaning on something. My walking pace is back to where it was probably 20 years ago. Knowing that I did this, with the help of Fabulous, let's me know that all of my unrealized dreams are still possible and that I can make them happen.
The exercising feeds itself I am go willingly with it.

Merigley F.
Meditation. It made many things simpler across the board. It taught me how to stay grounded and in control during situations that used to give me anxiety and start spirals. I handle my emotions better, and it makes life much easier and I understand myself more.
Selma C.
sleeping early, drinking plenty of water, exercising
Marina F.
Doing some form of exercise everyday in the evening. A walk, playing tennis, or going to the gym helps me feel like I have achieved something in the day and sets me up for the next day
Amanda Y.
I guess this is more breaking a bad habit than forming a new one but quitting drinking was the best thing I've ever done.
Michelle Y.
Something that actually makes you feel like you're making progress in life. Such as, starting your own business and consistently working on it and see your bank account raise
Tim E.
Yoga has allowed me to harness the ability to concentrate longer, breathe more deeply, and reflect on my behaviors and beliefs. All of these benefits have made me a more patient and well-rounded person and have helped me to solidify an identity for myself.
Reginald B.
Aiming for 10,000 steps every day has been very important for me personally. It gives me an opportunity to unwind while simultaneously getting out and about in the open. Highly recommended as a core habit to build and improve upon.
Reiner X.
Saying positive thoughts out loud even when I don’t want to. Even counteracting the negative thoughts by others in an upbeat manner has the same affect. I like being the happy person
Josephine T.
Meditation because it allows me to stay current with my dreams and aspirations. Every time I drop in, it’s like I am revisiting that which I hold true and is most important to me on all levels of my being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.