How did you stick to exercising even when you were at your lowest?

Frederik Z.
That is a great question. I really want to know the answer.
One idea that could work is having accountability and
also making it a habit when you are feeling well.

Joe U.
Well it did take all the effort to come this far so what's a little more. Right!! And afterwards you feel free & relaxed and much more so Anyway let's see how long I can pursue this & not give up. Take care.

Josane T.
Probably about seven months. The rhythm of exercising became a way to still feel like I had some control even when other parts of my life were spiraling out of my control (relationships, health). Exercise became a outlet for my anxiety and a place to refocus my energy into something that was productive.

Silje B.
I focused on the smaller parts that I needed to do first, then took a little break to just relax and pull myself together to start the exercise.

Jesse F.
Exercising is my escape from my mind. That one hour is a kindness to myself because in that hour, I don’t need to think, just do. Plus that endorphin release at the end is the instant, free, natural high that perks me up when I need it most. I need to exercise to feel better mentally and emotionally.

Louis A.
My morning routine starts in the evening. If I'm successful in the evening, when I have a little more motivation, then the morning will start well too.

Herman J.
One of the easiest ways to exercise for me is to dance my heart out. No only is it a great exercise, it makes me happy because it's fun and I love doing it, plus you get to jam out to your favourite songs! It's fun no matter how I'm feeling!

Jessie F.
I think of all the nice clothes I can wear and the complements I get when I look good. Also I am afraid of health issues, especially when it comes to blood sugar levels.

Oliver G.
Sometimes I haven’t. What has helped me is this app and making it an achievable part of my routine so that I sort of automatically come to it. Another thing that has been helpful is doing forms of exercise that I am excited about and that make me feel really good like dancing.

Christina F.
To be honest, it’s hard to say because I’m not sure if I’ve reached my lowest yet on this journey. That being said, when I am feeling down i know that I generally feel better after I exercise so if anything, that helps.

Morgan Q.
You shouldn't work to your burn out. Let's say 10 push ups are your maximum, you should only do 6/7 each time. Because if you do 10 then you won't be able to do 8/9 tomorrow. You will be more consistent with this 75% with nearly all aspects of life

Gilbert O.
I'm still working on that part. I missed 3 days but I will do better next week. Plus I still have the weekend to get 2 more in.I am a work in progress.

Brayden G.
Do not stick to a particular type of exercise always keep on changing like when you're not feeling like exercise or are exhausted from work then try yoga some light stretching and walking take break at certain intervals and when you're feeling like exercising then try some cardio etc whatever you like just create a habit of exercising and soon your body will start getting habituated after which exercising will get easier for you

Harper L.
I figured I would feel worse if I just quit, I'd rather be low and still be working towards something positive than strip myself of a really good thing for my future wellbeing.

Dietlind U.
I try just walking in my room and doing some stretches. And also dancing to my favourite song, whatever moves comes to my mind.

Floyd O.
I did the exercises like a homework, I need to do to have points, with myself, with my body. And even when I didn’t want to exercise, I forced myself to do it anyway, and after I finished, I felt good.

Evelyn O.
I made time for it in the morning, just when I wake up. If I do it then, I will have done it before the events of the day have even started. No matter what I need to do in the morning, I always do a workout first.