Does anyone else take a day off from to-do lists each week? If so or if not, why?

Bernadete E.
To do lists help me to keep my life organised, and helps me to keep track of my habits. Even if I dont have any 'tasks' to do, i still write down what I do during the day like work out or defrost meat or set the alarm
Isis Q.
I have not… maybe I need to?

On the weekends for example, I try to make my ToDo List more simple… but it invariably becomes more complicated and busy.

So that forces me to try to make my To Do List even more simple on a “day off.”

Lotte F.
Yes definitely! I find that I need unstructured time in my life to be able to relax and not go crazy worrying about all the things I need to do. As a recovering perfectionist, it’s hugely important to me to give myself time free of measurable goals, like a to-do list. It just makes me feel lighter and helps me let go.
Joscha W.
As for myself it would depend on the to do list. The water, exercise walk, tidy up etc. I continue every day, but I feel the work part I would try to takeoff on certain days to give myself a break
Zoey U.
I persoanlly choose not to take a day off from the to-do list as much as I can. That is because I wanna build these habits for good, I also do not have a hard time performing these habits every single day because they are not too hard for me. That is why it’s important to choose habits that won’t wear you off easily, baby steps is always the best way to go. The only time I take a day off is when I’m fasting (I’m a Muslim). I skip the great breakfast and drinking water parts because I fast for a couple of weeks a year but other than that I choose to carry on with my habits for as long as I can. You should too, try to stick to your habits as much as I can. It will build permanent habits for you. Also, try to choose easy habits for yourself so it’s easier to stick with them on the long-run.
Mathilde W.
Yes! I definitely try to have one day each week (usually Saturday or Sunday) where I don’t workout (to give my body rest) and don’t study (to give my brain rest). I think it helps to recharge and rejuvenate you.
Alfredo Z.
I don’t because I’m afraid that I will keep taking days off. I think until I am solid with food habits that I should not do that. I make too many mistakes to do it deliberately.
Irina Q.
Honestly, I don't. Even when I wake up late and feel sluggish, once I get through my morning routine, I feel better equipped to take on the day.
Liciniano P.
If someone takes a Day off from to-do list, maybe, this person is in need with rest. Or this person don't like systems and want to feel spontaneous life.
Vivan J.
I create a to-do list everyday. However I adjust the content or length on weekends or the occasional weekday to include free time to explore or decompress.
Julia P.
Yes because usually the workload is too immense that I just react to the most urgent item in front of me. I like to do list when I’m organised because it helps me to refocus and be present.
Nena S.
I don't, just because when I take a day off from something that makes it feel almost like making a to-do list is difficult or a chore. There are definitely some days when I forget, or when my to-do list is not very big (e.g. "Hang out with friends, have fun!"), but I make sure that the schedule I've set for myself becomes second nature. That, and a privilege! How awesome does it really feel to wake up in the beginning of the day and have an idea already in your head of what you need to do? It's a very sweet feeling for me.
Pamela Z.
I take Saturdays off to just laze around, do menial chore like my laundry, dusting or organising my shoes. I feel that this day of relaxation charges me up for the week.
When I hit the mid week slump on Wednesday, I can look back at Saturday and tell myself that I have had a day off relaxation and there's one coming up in a few days.
Philip Z.
Never! I have an app on my phone called blink, which is available through Facebook messenger. I have all my to do’s on that list and I have it set to remind me twice a day. Some things on that list remaining on there for months at a time until I finally get around to them. But whenever I think of something I need to do I put it on that list and I never lose it. Eventually I either get it done or it no longer needs to be done.
Zoey T.
I do in a way, the days that I work I always have a list of things that need to be completed so on my days off I try to keep by my morning and evening routine but then I'll have only a two item to do list and they don't tend to be overly stressful things and I would probably have done them if I didn't write them down. For example doing a food shop or buying a birthday card. I use it more or a little bit of structure that anything else or I'd end up spending the day in bed.
Capucine A.
I don’t. I decided not to because I don’t want to treat this like something I have to do but something that is a part of my life. That said, I do take my time on weekends and luxuriate in being able to do my routine at a slower, more relaxed pace!
Arzu C.
Not usually, I have work and class and homework during the week and on Saturday. Sunday is the only day I don’t have to be anywhere, so I make time to clean my apartment and run any errands.
Manuel U.
No, I try to always have a few things I want to accomplish in a day. I have a hard time getting things going; so, if I take time off from my to-do list, it makes it harder the other days. I might just have days when I only put a few things on there that don’t take too much energy.
Sean N.
Well I'm not sure I don't I'm still weak I need the support of my Fabulous helpers to the best of my abilities I plan to stay on track
Rosi F.
I'm struggling to manage change during a time of life and work stress. I cut out my to do list because I don't see it as a priority. I get that there's a contradiction here. Regularity of exercise will help me de-stress. It's got something to do with time management and being disciplined.