How do you fit excercise in on a work morning, i am tired and in a rush

Felecia T.
I fix being in a rush by simply setting my alarm a bit earlier. I don't like to hurry in the mornings, so that's something I often do to make time for myself.
I try to make the exercise fit my current mood. If I am a bit tired and slow, I'll do some yoga. If I don't really have time to exercise and I have plans in the city, I walk there. I think trying to find ways to exercise that are a good match for your morning routine and your personality is the nicest way to do it. Don't try to force yourself to do an intense 30 minute workout if you don't have time or energy for it. Exercise can be small! Today, I did 15 minutes of yoga.. it's not much, but it feels nice enough to motivate me to do it again.
Ace B.
I know how you feel 😅sometimes I don't even do anything yet I am still exhausted 😴 ,so my solution for you is to try and sleep early so that you can wake up early and do exercise🤔. Another solution for you is to choose shorter but still effective exercises😏 that can be fit into your morning routine so that the exercise doesn't waste too much of your time😌.
Hope these are good enough solutions, I am hopeful ☺ you will find your way around this .😎
Riley A.
It’s not easy that’s for sure but, I like to look at my schedule for the next week days before that week starts so I can plan out what days I can fit a workout in. I only workout four days a week as that is what works best for me and my work schedule plus the three days of rest my body gets is a plus. It’s all about planning ahead and choosing which days you can fit in a workout. It doesn’t have to be a long workout either. It can be as simple as taking a walk or riding a bike for 30 minutes.
Taylor J.
set your alarm super early and get up to do your exercise and then you’re reward is going back to sleep until you actually have to get up and get ready for work or school or whatever you have that day.