How do you get into a routine with exercise when doing shift work ?

Harper I.
Exercise before your shift. Or find a space to add a small exercise ritual. For instance, after each patient, I walk around the inside of the clinic. It's a small way to get my steps into an otherwise motionless day.
Celina Z.
I always aim to start my exercise routine within 30 minutes after getting home from my shift. Even though this means I don't exercise at the same time everyday, it's a better routine for me since I know as soon as I get home it's time to change and exercise (before I get comfortable!)
Jacky O.
It's hard… you can do it a little bit at a time, or go to bed early and wake up very early –2 hours before work to do it.
Heidi I.
I do exercise right after drinking water first thing in the morning so drinking water is my trigger for the morning exercise routine, as I have created during water habit before the exercise habit.
Sonia O.
You can added to your waking up routine. So no matter which shift work you are in. You rest well, wake up, drink water, do your exercise, have a nice shower and eat your breakfast. If you get in this routine everyday you start doing it spontaneously. I don't even think about it, it us just part of daily routine like brushing your teeth is.. ☺ No matter what time you finish or start working and if it is day or night. Get into the habit of doing it, give yourself that little time to look after yourself.