What motivates you to get up early enough to exercise?

Clifton Q.
Well for me if you want and love your life so much your going to do whats good for you and your body; Also seeing other people reach there goal make me want to do the same

Matthew I.
I am motivated to get up early enough to exercise because I know it is an important part of my daily routine and will help me stay fit, healthy, and energized throughout the day. Exercise helps me stay focused, productive, and in a better mood. Additionally, I find that I have more energy during the day when I wake up early and exercise.

Sierra E.
Honestly, I have always needed to wake up early for school and now work so it’s not too hard for me anymore. What makes it easier for me is having things to look forward to in the morning; parts of my routine that I genuinely enjoy and make it exciting to wake up. Once that ball gets rolling, waking up early can be really energizing! I like to stretch out and do some yoga in the mornings, so that any exercise after that feels like a breeze. And eat breakfast!! Something small is better than nothing.

Konrad F.
I just rmeber about the results I will get if I do this. A reminder can help plus I do it in the evening since I don't have time in the morning

Edgar Z.
Knowing that I will be more confident during the day if I work out. Having the feeling of actually doing something about being healthier, instead of just complaining about it.