What to do when you are so tired and don’t feel like working out?

Liz N.
I would say rest, do not challenge your mind rather approach it slowly by getting involved in a least hard and little work to start with such as meditation, listening to calm music, read a few pages of your favourite book. This will allow your brain to relax and you can do the workout in next hour once you are ready.
Alice R.
Think if you need to have a break today. If not, just start by small things that lead you to working out. For example, put your trainers on, then it's much easier to leave the house
Andrea U.
When you are tired dont do your full workout. Instead of skipping your whole workout just do a few minutes of it. Start small and be consistent. Consistency is literally key and will help you achieve your goals 🙂
Sebastian C.
when i don't feel like working out, i am usually too unmotivated so i motivate myself by cleaning my environment. seeing my room clean gives me calmness
Alizee N.
One thing I've heard is that if you can stand up and walk you can workout, however, that's probably a bit extreme. One thing I'd personally recommend when you're tired is just doing a tiny bit if whatever exercise you want to do. So if you wanted to do pushups just do one and then try to keep going after that or if you wanted to go for a run, just go for a couple hundred meters or just go for a walk instead. What you want to do is not try and do the same exercise every single day, because you're not going to feel the same every day. What you want to do is stay consistent!
Sakshi O.
While working we consume more energy and sometimes we feel exhausted. In our daily workout routine we must change our habits like eating when you're working, focusing on several things at one time and more.Makes us feel specticle.Say "Lets hang out" and here you go. Our body need a break while working to better function again. Or, I can do" Grab some fruits, makes us feel energetic towards work.
Sabri N.
I’m at the beginning of this journey, but in my opinion if your body asks you to rest, you should do it, but if you realize that it is just laziness play some music that motivates you and get ready, you will absolutely feel better during and after the workout.
Th Odore O.
Simply try doing a little bit at least, even bedroom stretches or a bit of refreshing yoga. Something that doesn't feel like it uses energy.
Christine F.
When I don’t feel like working out I would usually try and do something a little less intense. For example I would usually go for a walk to try and get in some exercise for that day. If I don’t do any of that in a day then I would work a lot harder in the following day or even week.
Raul B.
Ah this is deffinitely a common occurence😂 everyone has 'that day' when our bodies don't want to work :')
For me I will try to push myself to put my trainers on and take a walk outside it will be helpful I promise 😊 or if it's bad outside I will just stay at home going around and do housework. (Or just lying down on my bed :^ doing nothing)
Once again I'm sorry for the writing I'm not rlly good at it 👉👈