What do I do when I am still sore from a previous workout?

Malou F.
It depends – are you giving yourself a rest day? When you start to work out at a harder and higher level your body starts needing rest days in between those difficult workouts. Usually what I do on days I'm supposed to work out in my schedule but am feeling sore is a shorter yoga session or I just walk the dogs and that's my only exercise for the day. But if your body needs rest you should give it rest so you don't burn out and stop exercising altogether when you just can't anymore
Alyssa A.
Hi, that’s a great question. I normally stretch out the little pains that I have for about 10 minutes each. I listen to calming meditation music and relax my body and mind.
Vanessa N.
I rest. I take a hot bath to relax my muscles, drink water, self massage with Weleda arnica oil. Don’t quit the next day.
Leo F.
I try stretching and do some eccentric slow excersises which allows my body to warm up and prepare for a new session. You could also consider working on other muscle groups than the ones that are sore.
Frida C.
drink some tart cherry juice in your water, it helps with recovery! magnesium powder also works well but doesn’t taste as good!
Heather E.
You opt for a stretch/low intensity work out like dancing or yoga stretches. It’s just about waking up your body and taking time to reconnect with it 🙂 good luck!
Louise Z.
Stretching helps a lot and also a little fast-paced walk at least for 20-30 minutes. Warming up before work out is what we should always remember to do 🙂
Jackson E.
You'll want to change up your workout. Cardio one day, strength training the next. But if you can't find the motivation for either, add in some yoga. I use Tiger Balm for sore muscles. The diversity will increase your overall strength and tolerance. The more you work out, the less you'll be sore.
Sans O F.
I’m not sure what you do for your workout but even if you’re sore you can do the workout again. If you’re not able, try going for a 20 minute walk.
Kenzo Q.
Do gentle exercise like walking, biking, or yoga, or light weight training. It’s ok to be sore – that means you’re building muscle. But don’t work out hard when you are sore, or you could injure yourself.
Don’t take ibuprofen unless you have to – it reduces inflammation, but studies have shown that it also slows healing.
Disney O.
To reduce soreness from occurring, make sure you're getting enough sleep – you will be more sore if you don't rest to recover. Make sure you're drinking enough water, as this also helps with recovery.

If you're still sore when it's time to exercise again, spend more time than usual warming up and stretching, as this will reduce the chance of injury. Be more cautious than when you aren't sore – have a good workout but don't overdo it.

Joy F.
Excercise a different part of your body. Look online for workouts that are spread over a week on rotation. So legs one day, chest one day, then rest day, then back one day, then shoulders for example. Start each with a run or some kind of cardio workout. Eat well, drink lots of water and rest.
Antonio J.
An aspiring always works after the exercise to prevent soaring, however if you didn't take one, you can stretch and do yoga on the next day. Thus still counts as exercise but it won't be that stressful for your organism.
Abigail Z.
In response to your question: Don’t push yourself past your limits. I know it’s a cliche term to say, “Push past the limits”, that will lead to injuries and more. The best thing to do after a really intense workout is to take it easy the next time, including lots of stretches. Take a walk and give your body time to recover. Use a heat or ice pack to dull the pain and wait it out after that. Time is the best medicine after all.

Xx A fellow Fabulous User. 🙂

Juventino A.
Keep it going. It will be easier by the end of the week. Just remind yourself your purpose of doing it and keep it going!
Michael A.
Make sure you are working a different muscle group for each workout. Mon- back/bicep, Tues- Hamstrings, Wed-chest/triceps, Thur- glutes.. start with some light weights (30 mins) the 10 min abs, 10 min cardio.. Try for 3-4 days a week, and celebrate even if you can only work out twice! Warm up and stretch!
Estanislau F.
The main thing to do is make sure you're well hydrated and listen to your body if you decide to work out again soon after.

You can take a few seconds between exercises or do a few less reps if certain parts of your body are sore. Have a good meal and a good sleep too to help your body rest and be replenished.

It's normal to be sore especially if you're just starting a new workout or type of exercise. Listen to your body.

Hunter F.
If it is the next day, try some stretching, yoga, or walking. If it is the second day, then carefully try your scheduled workout, paying attention to form.
Oh yeah, Epsom salt baths, rolling, and ice can be your friend.
Alfred J.
Switch up the work out so that you are moving all the muscles but in a different way, paying attention to how they feel so you don’t hurt yourself.
Katie E.
Stretching the area immediately after the workout helps. Get enough sleep and food. If soreness already set in, I don’t think there is much you can do 🙁 Just stick to your workout program and push on. Go lighter if hurts too bad, but showing up and doing the work is the absolutely most import part.

And I usually find the soreness go away about 5 minutes into the workout anyways.

Ely Q.
I do less. When I get up in the morning I assess how I am doing and then pick what to do. I have a list of options I made the day before to choose from. If I am really hurting I will do mostly stretching. You don't need to do a lot. Just do something so you keep the habit going.
Renato U.
It’s ok to vary your workouts in intensity and duration. If you’re feeling sore don’t push it the next time – do a 20 minute stretching or easy yoga routine to get your body ready for the next big workout.
David E.
Whenever this happens to me, I just do a workout that focuses on other body parts, or just stretching/flexing. Remember: it’s not about breaking a sweat or push yourself to the limit each time, it’s about doing something everyday and keep the habit going 😉
Olivia A.
Use a foam roller after a hard workout, throughout the day, and anytime your muscles are sore. Also, work out the next day even if you are still sore.
Norman W.
Today I had muscle pain in my arms from the exercises yesterday. I decided to exercise anyway. I exercise with Wii fit, and I just did exercises for different muscles.
Kent J.
Gentle stretches, yoga, walk or stroll. Resolve not to push yourself so hard in the future. The goal is to build up to fitness, not try to get there in a day, week, or month.
Ingmar F.
Simplicity, your muscles desires to be stretched to release that ache. They tense up from a hard workout and if you don't stretch then they're going to be continuing to hurt longer. It doesn't mean that you have to you do the same exercise. Stretch yourself out you'll feel better for its in the end
Judy G.
I do back exercises that day and before the next workout. A good trainer will check on you and find ways to prevent that soreness. Found Ironman your own -then I think your body is telling you too much! Hit baths after long bike ride always help ❣️
Silke P.
I consider that any kind of sport is better than no sport. So either decide to take a walk or do 15-20 min of stretching
Nathan O.
This could mean one of two things: Do a lighter exercise making use of a part of the body that doesn’t feel sore or do nothing. It is important to rest and also have a break from rigorous workout. Runners have days where they don’t run and instead do brisk walking to avoid injury. Don’t push it if you are feeling sore! And always remember to warm up first.
Nicholas P.
Check in your own mind what you did last time and ask yourself if maybe you overdid it?
Rest until you're not sore.
Also ensure next time that you're eating fresh fruit, vegetables and good protein to build muscle.
Be kind to yourself!
Lilija S.
Better to walk it off and stretch although it sounds counter intuitive. Chances are lactic acid is stagnating in your muscles and causes the soreness. Besides, muscles develop by micro-tears, which also causes soreness.

Have a great walk, enjoy your surroundings, flush your system with loads of water, you will feel good as new!!!!

Cecil Y.
Do a different activity than the one you are sore from. Variety is important and its also important to know when to rest and heal, however, typically the best thing for me to do is stay active, rub soothing essential oils into my muscles and play on!! (Mindfully, so as not to injure!)
Emilie N.
Start moving, feel the soreness that confirms the progress you’re making. A quick jog to get the blood moving will relieve the build up of lactic acid in your muscles and the soreness will lessen. Continuing to
Asta E.
Feel that pain and don't let that pain take over you as if you let this take over you your mind will trick you in another one.Just start with very low intensity workout in start.
Clara Q.
If you are still sore from a previous workout and don't want to do more, you can just take a morning walk. But if you want to do exercise, just sit down, take deep breathes and meditate for few minutes. Your body will relax and calm down and you would be ready to do more exercise.
Noa Z.
When I am sore from a previous workout I try to remember that I should be reaching that point every now and then. Sometimes a light cardio helps loosen things up.
Ramon W.
Hi! When I am still sore from previous workout, I do some head-to-toe stretches as a worm-up. Also on such a day I prefer doing sports slowly and I reduce the amount of reps. Before going to bed I take a hot shower and apply some massage oil after. I hope that helps you too!
Natalija Z.
Drink some warm tea, relax and/or put a heating pack on where it hurts also helps. This is what helps me and might also help you too. If it still hurts taking ibuprofen or Tylenol should help. Also don't push yourself to much to where it ends up hurting and injuring you.
Erik E.
Stretching and light cardio. Don’t work the sire area of muscles too hard until it’s recovered. That it’s sore means the muscles are still recuperating and mending.
Elise Q.
You can simply rest one day and keep exercising the next day, or you can do a lighter exercise that helps your muscles to relax and get softer again. Maybe just some light stretches, a quick walk on the street or any restaurative yoga class that you can find on internet.
I really like yoga exercises because I have felt great changes in my body and I’ve never felt a really hard or uncomfortable pain anytime.
When I feel really tired, I rest for one or two days, but the third day I keep getting my yoga classes everyday.
If the day that you exercised you feel that it was too much and you think that you’re going to feel pain the next day, you can also take an aspirin pill that night, before to sleep, so that the next morning you won’t feel so much sore.
Christy U.
Try a gentle warm up to get the blood flowing. Go through a good stretching routine paying attention to the store muscles. Proceed with your work out at a lower intensity.
Lia N.
You should have at least one break from intensive work outs, either by pausing one day, or perform a less intensive exercise
Lueli A.
It depends on what kind of pain you experienced (injury or normal lactic acid)
Let’s say that is lactic acid, warming up well before and warming down after plus a healthy diet will help and don’t forget to drink plenty of water.
Todd F.
Yoga is a great way to stretch those sore muscles and give them the oxygen needed to loosen up. Its a reminder that those muscles have been neglected for too long and now they’re waking up and being used.
Am Lie T.
In general it’s a good idea to alternate easy days with hard days. My (aspirational) workout routine includes 30 minute runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and an hour of yoga on Tuesday and Thursday. Usually on saturdays my family will go hiking, and then Sunday I try to do something active for 30 minutes that ISN’T running. In order for me to achieve this, I have to make working out my top priority for the day. Some days, I truly can’t fit it in unless I wake up at 5 am. Waking up at 5 am to go run 30 minutes in the freezing cold takes way more self- discipline than is currently at my disposal. Therefore, I just try really, really hard to squeeze in at least 3 workouts a week. Now, since I’m doing this Fabulous thing, if there is a day that I’m really struggling to squeeze in my Exercise and Feel Great habit, I’ll take my dog for a ten minute walk around the block, check the exercise box on this app, and give myself a big ol’ high five.
Clarence F.
Find out how to troubleshoot for soreness that could be from a new injury vs good soreness from just working the muscle/s hard enough to create the damage that will then build new muscle.
Terri U.
I take a day out and relax, I should not be doing it but I do…
Also I start to feel lazy after that, but fabulous workouts r not so intense(i want it to be intense)
Maribel N.
You either rest an extra day or only take a brisk walk instead of yet another strenuous exercise session, allowing your body to recover.
Rosa U.
I will do some easy yoga or stretching. Sometimes I do some basic training with low heart rate. But most important. Not sit down in the couch.
Jorge J.
You teach yourself to stretch more but still get up to exercise the next day so that way you don’t break your habit of exercising. You can also switch it up to where you push yourself and then you do something more lighter on the days you are sore :))!
Oc Ane Y.
Rest is really important. If you're feeling a painful type of sorness it means it's time to stretch and let those muscles recover. Make sure your eating a lot ofa protein nd staying hydrated! If it's been a few days and your a little sore then start with some low intensity exercise ttargeting the sorer region, eventually the muscles will warm up! I did this with my trainer yesterday. The main thing is to listen to your body. Good luck with your work out today! Eventually you learn to love the burn 😜
Rosa R.
I usually take time to heal. I get on your mat, take some pillows and gently stretch. This will warm up my muscles, while still providing some exercise
Zoey C.
Rest for a while, then keep hitting that spot and you will do well! Also, if you are coming back from a long hiatus then decrease the weights/ running time to make it easier on your body. You will recover to your previous form in no time!
Melinda F.
I'm not a pt. But my layman's knowledge/advice;

Complete a mobility routine that incorporates the major muscle groups that are sore. I hear it's helps reduce any stiffness.

Work on muscles that aren't sore.

Avery C.
Hydrate- drink plenty of water. stretch and workout lightly. Working out again can help muscles loosen. Try not to overdo it but keep moving. Moving is always better than being sedintary. You’ll find after sitting a long time or even for short periods when you get up you will be stiff. That’s Proof that moving helps with soreness!
Albrecht R.
Do it still, just reduce the intensity and complete what your body can handle … The next day your muscle fibers will repair and it won't feel sore anymore (or as much as before).
Donald S.
Sometimes I delay the next day workout or cancel it But I feel great at the sometime because I feel the workout is good yesterday
Jen W.
Keep going but don't push yourself too hard eventually you'll begin to like the pain and you may not always feel it everyday if your workout routine doesn't change and become more rigorous. Well done fandor starting and enjoy the pain:)
Rosana Z.
You should never be in too much pain from a work out. If u r achy it's ok but it means your body needs a rest so preferably don't do vigorous activity the next day swap for a gentle walk.
Isabelle E.
I love warm showers or baths. I make a ritual out of them especially if I’m sore. Get yourself some detox bath salts. Light some cables or put on good music and soak your muscles and your mind
Marie C.
I start slow on my stationary bike, only committing to a short easy ride. Usually that loosens me up and I end up having a good session anyway!
Tess Y.
Personally when I am really sore from a workout or run I take a day of exercising to rest and recover . When it’s not really sore I continues exercising .
Kimberly L.
Do your normal work out again, only do it slowly, paying attention to your body. You don’t want more injury, but you do want to stretch those muscles. That’s the thing that will help them recover fastest.
Mike T.
I'd warm up , and could change workout to different one for other muscle groups. Or if it' s after running, still go for a run but probably at lower intensity/speed. And definetly streching at the end of workout.
Jonas W.
It is good to make sure you are getting enough water and stretching before bed. Loosening those muscles before you are in bed for hours is really helpful! Also, ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory, so it will help if the muscles are just too tight to handle.
Carl X.
Stretch! Stretch out the sore parts and you can do full body stretches as well. It’s great for decreasing soreness, decreasing likelihood of injury, and bettering posture (and probably many other benefits as well). You also burn a few extra calories while stretching.
Lise P.
Do a stretching sesion. Stretch until you feel the pain and hold the position for 10 seconds. Some would say longer grom 20 to 30 seconds, if you can try doing it longer. Otherwise repeat 3 times. And drink sufficient amount of water.