How I can keep myself motivated?

Tracey O.
Keep yourself motivated by doing things on a beautiful sunny day and that'll keep you motivated.
Selmaan A Ali

Freja W.
Always think about what you can accomplish when doing those things. And when you get bored of it take a small break to clear your mind and then come back to it later. Try and think of how you felt when you first started the project.

Asta Z.
Persistency is more important than motivation. Set yourself small goals and do them. If you skip a day (like I have because of my schedule) don’t give up, or beat yourself up about it, just start again the next day or do you evening tasks. You totally got this!

Graciano Q.
Stay balanced in your thinking and remember the successes are just as important as what has yet to be accomplished and good health and self care is a journey. Every step along the way matters, even if you do not see immediate results. Train yourself to celebrate the effort and keep it up. You are the key to your best self and you have what it takes to be fabulous . . in fact, you already are and you are doing great! Keep it up 🙂

Marius Z.
Take it little steps at a time by building 1 small habit then begin adding a few more. Little steps seem a lot more easier and don’t require a ton of motivation. Once you begin doing these small steps everyday, it will become second nature to you and you will carry out these automatically. This is when they form into habits.
If your habits are a bit bigger such as 1 hour at the gym, it’s always good to set goals. Obviously, the end goal is very important, but what’s more important it’s the smaller goals, because you can track those easier and as we know the journey is the most important part, where you learn and overcome procrastination.

James T.
You probably started the journey because you had a final goal or a destination in mind. You probably thought starting the day more energized and a proper routine in place you could achieve that goal. The biggest motivation is the final goal itself. Remember the butterfly effect a small change in the beginning of a deterministic non-linear system can cause a huge change in a later state. So consider the small steps you take in the beginning of this journey to be the steps that could change your life forever

Julia B.
It's by taking small steps. For example you want to run. Start by taking a walk, you don't need to have a specific time or something, just do it everyday. Then slowly increase the intensity. U may slowly find different obstacles that might come in your way to accomplish this goal, but just keep doing it. It's no big deal if the streak ends, just do it the next day. At the end do make your to take time and experience how it makes you feel.

Alicia R.
Well I don't know about how you can, but I can share my experience with you; then incase you like it, you may use it to keep yourself motivated.
First I looked for things which are able to motivate me, so I made a list of them.
Then I chose the habit I wanted to quit or the ones I wanted to start doing them. When I truly stayed away from my bad hobbit and I kept doing my new habit, I rewarded myself with one of those things in my motivation list. This way I was have taught my mind that if you stick into plan this motivation goes on. We made a deal and it worked, so I stayed motivated.

Leroy S.
I think we rely too much on motivation. We treat it like a muse, we can only create or change if we are motivated. But what if we just did it? What if it was rubbish and half assed but we did it any way? Motivation is a trick to give ourselves a reason to do something. What if you remove reason?

Kimberly F.
Remember it's only hard for a shirt time. The way you feel after taking care if yourself is way better then the pain of giving up

Alison E.
First of all, you need to be your own self motivater because no one could help you unless you help yourself. Secondly, you can keep yourself motivated by keeping tracks of your fitness idol so you could feel their vibes to gain spirits in changing your lifestyle habits. Last but not least, you could be friend with people who are truly active with their daily routine on how to be fit and ask them their advice and guidance too.

Rhonda Y.
Motivation is helpful in getting started but discipline is the key to continuing towards any goal.
Take some time to create short term goals that will help you reach your long term goal. By doing this, you will feel a sense of achievement when you tick off your short term goals which will then drive you forward step by step.
Make them realistic and specific to you and your lifestyle.

Marito Y.
A balanced and healthy life stale is the foundation. If you still have problem with staying motivated maybe you should review your goals and find ones that you truly care about achieving.

Sofie B.
Give yourself rewards! For example, if I meet my exercise goal, I'll go on a coffee walk with friends. Or if I eat healthy, I'll go to the movies. Just allowing yourself something as simple as a cup of tea or a new book gets your mind to associate your goal with something pleasurable.

Janique Z.
To keep yourself motivated you must focus on the outcome, the reason why you started doing what you’re doing, and remind yourself the importance of achieving that outcome.

Celestino Y.
To see improvements on scale for example, on muscles, on mind peace and so on. Numbers and graphs would be great in the app too!

Clayton Z.
Set small arcieveable goals for yourself and congratulate yourself after every little success! It takes a bit of practice and attention, but makes a huge difference!

Linda E.
I think I can keep myself motivated if I can see the changes happening in me statistically which will show me that whatever I am doing is working. Even if it is not evident immediately.

Manuel U.
Consider that there will be a day that you will not be able to get out of bed, climb stairs, sweat, eat cake, and see your loved ones. These days are closer than you think.

Cherly N.
Sometimes I think of a parallel to motivation if I don't want to do something. Instead of building drive, I discard my negative thoughts about it using meditative techniques. Like, "OK, I'm thinking about not doing this", and I let that thought go, and I end up just doing it instead of building up the will to do it. Doesn't work all the time, but I do it sometimes. 🙂