I find the Fabulous exercise routines aren’t flexible enough and switching to another app that has workouts I would rather do is a pain. Any suggestions on how to plan my workouts?

Glenda C.
I have the same problem. I have started keeping my exercise routines on another device. Whether it’s an older phone, a laptop, or tablet, having the routine in another device helps simplify things.
Jem W.
Create your own, brief workout plan the night before! That way, you can stay in the fabulous App whilst you do your workout, but you can still tailor it specifically to you
Kaiya N.
Create your own workouts! Find stretches and activities that target each part of the body, and do those for however long it takes. The Fabulous times for activities aren’t set, so you can do as much or as little exercise, depending on what your schedule allows. So if you find, for example, a core workout you really like, then just learn that workout and complete it the assigned times. You can always leave the Fabulous app to look at another app for its routine!
Kevin X.
Start with something really simple, like 10 push-ups+10 crunches, and add something every week (it may be both more series of an exercise you are already doing or a new one)