How do you adapt exercises for people who have issues with arthritis in the hands? Such as push-ups or yoga poses that require the person to be on their hands.

Fabien Y.
For a push up, try doing it on a countertop that’s warmer and don’t bend your wrists so much. For many stretches or stable Pilates style exercises like plank, simply do it on your forearms.
Gabei U.
Do it in a similar way that doesn’t cause pain in the inflicted area or do a completely different pose than the one is signed by the instructor. I have to do that for my arthritis.
Elsbeth F.
You could maybe do push ups against the wall so that you are not putting so much pressure on your hands and for yoga you could do more standing poses
Sven Z.
I undrestand that we're in panademic. But you can run, dance, whatever with free arms. U seeing a doctor for your hands? Ask and get good workout plan🍋
Libby Z.
If you have struggle with your hand instead of doing activities that include you using your hands you could go for a walk/run throughout the day.