Has anyone found any other 7 minute exercises? I am getting bored doing the same one every morning.

Jacira Q.
I’m always doing different ones. But what I do is also not 7 minutes. Often I do a full 45 minute or 1 hour workout but you can find anything on YouTube. Maybe try Pilates one time or you just do an abs workout. Oh I just realize 7 minutes jump roping is also super powerful and good for heart/lung. Or try 1/2 minute plank position and then follow up with some 10 abs crunches, push ups and squats. Enjoy the variety of possibilities! And stay health 🙂
Lilli N.
I would think that YouTube has some good short ones or write down a list of exercises you like and a reasonable about and do that for 7 minutes
Caro B.
It depends if you are open to pay for it, or not. Some gyms currently offer exercise classes online for free. On youtube search for 7 minute workout (or 7 minute abs/etc), save a couple and switch it up