What do you do when you want to exercise in the afternoon but you’re too tired or exhausted from the day?

Rocco X.
Hi! In this case I exercise a little bit, for 30 minutes or just dance for 5-10 minutes. You only need to do little thing to progress.
Floyd P.
I think about how much better I usually feel after I excercise (especially when I dont feel like it). I also make sure to choose something I'm familiar with, there's nothing worse than trying to learn a new routine when you're not totally focused. I just get frustrated and quit early!
Ugo I.
I remind myself that it’s ONLY like a half hour at most of my time and then I can go to sleep without regret. I know it’ll better me and the progress I’ll make will be worth the fraction of time I spent just moving.
End your day knowing you did everything to better yourself. You’ll start the next morning on the right foot.
L O T.
Do the one minute prompt that's included in this app. Either it jumpstarts me into doing more or I feel better knowing I did something small rather than nothing at all.
Lonnie F.
I usually workout in the morning because I know I’m less likely to do it later in the day. However, if I’m taking a workout class that’s only offered in the afternoon, I schedule my workout time the same way I schedule a doctors appointment or a work meeting. This means that I put it on my calendar, mark myself out of the office for that time slot, and make sure to change into my workout gear as early as I can. I find that if I have on workout clothes, it partially guilts me into going to workout because I’ve spent time and energy putting on the clothes. I also keep my gym back (fully stocked) in my trunk so I don’t have an excuse to skip exercising.
Valentina Y.
If I am too tired, I would rest for the night and try again the next day. Or alternatively, push myself through and feel glad I did it afterwards.
Daniel W.
Start with stretching. I like doing beginner yoga when I'm tired, it's better than just sitting and sometimes I feel good enough to then do something that takes some more energy.
Lizaine Y.
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You rest. Never over work yourself.

Tha S U.
I do some walking first. Some nice strides to get the body moving. I also tend to do exercise classes like Zumba, Yoga, or PiYo. Being with a group motivates even more!!
Frederik C.
I take a step back, relax a little bit and then i ask if anyone would like to go walk with me. Walking is still moving your body but much less strenuous and, its always so much easier with someone there. It ends up being much more fun and less like a grueling chore.
D Rio Q.
I’d say start by consuming a healthy diet that gives you more protein throughout the day. Don’t have things that will make that 4-5pm crash even worse! Also, you may feel exhausted, but I find that exercise usually reenergizes me pretty much as soon as the workout begins. Motivate yourself not by dwelling on how work has you feeling tired, but by focusing on that great feeling you’ll get once you start your exercise and after it’s completed!
Teresa U.
Normally, I like to walk in the evening. A few minutes of just moving and enjoying the quiet of the evening. Or I get some bopping jams on and dance to like… 4-5 longer songs. Enough to get my energy going a little and to shake off the work blues.
Loretta O.
I usually make it a priority to do my cardio workout first thing in the morning so it's done for the day and I can have that sense of accomplishment and a healthy start. However, if circumstances do not allow for a morning workout, I remind myself of my workout streak, of how much better (and energized) I will feel once it is completed and if I really am fatigued, I will bait myself by not requiring myself to do the full workout.
Sandor Q.
I get something small and nourishing in my system, like some almonds or avocado, plus just a little bit of caffeine and some spirulina. Then I’d probably start with something lower impact, like yoga or pilates, until I work up the energy to go harder! Sometimes just going on a walk outside does the trick too.
Mathilde U.
I eat the frog first thing in the morning and leave less intense training for the afternoon. Training can also be a great time for learning, e.g., I often listen to podcasts and watch TED talks when riding a stationary bike.
Wolf R Diger F.
In my experience, I know that this rarely works for me. So I always try to do it in the morning. But, it might help to get a workout buddy to hold you accountable for it! Also, if you’re too tired, it’s totally okay to just do a 30 minute walk and stretch. Listen to your mind and body! You got this!!
Lloyd F.
Sometimes I am not successful at completing my exercise. This time I decided I would not have my morning coffee until I completed my morning exercise. This has worked for a few days.
Noah S.
I really like the clench your hands afternoon routine exercise! It’s just 3 minutes but gives me a sense of accomplishment.
Francisco X.
It’s difficult to find motivation
You have to remind yourself how you feel after exercising, how good you feel
That usually works for me
Na L E.
Don’t beat yourself up about how much exercise you need to do. Even walks in fresh air can be refreshing and awakening without the pressure of having to do a particular exercise.
Brigitte Z.
Do whatever you can do. I recommend dis associating how you feel from what you know you have to do. If you don’t feel like exercising one day, then what happens when you want to skip breakfast or skip meditation? You must exercise. That’s what you do.
Sofia G.
Usually, I chalk that day up as a small loss, but I try to make a plan for how I'm going to get back on track. Sometimes, that means just going to bed early and getting enough rest; other times, it means making a commitment to set aside time the next day for exercise.
Ralph F.
I find a short yoga video or a short walk works well for me. Getting moving is psychologically tougher than completing the activity itself. So I try to find a minimal amount of movement to commit to do and I often find myself doing more once I've gotten started.
Silvane O.
I just ask my self "what the person I would like to be would do in this situation". It really motivates: to be THAT type of person. When I'm tired reminding of goals don't help me…
Florestana P.
I have 3 dogs, so I tie it in with my evening dog walk. Make sure its atleast 30 mins minimum and change the pace every so often.
Vanda S.
As soon as I get home from work I change into my workout clothes. DO NOT SIT DOWN! You will have a much harder time getting back up. Have your workout planned ahead of time so there’s no guess work. Just get dressed and do the dang thing!
Grace O.
Take a power nap, drink coffee or simply just start exercising. I ofter start feeling more energetic when I start my workout