What’s your favorite type of exercise?

Denise P.
I've really taken to yoga, being able to stretch my body, and listening to the birds in the morning has really opened my eyes to how effective yoga is on the body.
Jessica J.
Right now it’s jazzercise. I like the intensity and the movement. It incorporates weight training which is something I haven’t been doing consistently. I really notice the difference! I also like walking on days when I need less impact or rest.
Jenna J.
Dance cardio, because dancing makes working out fun, along with yoga because you tend to not just the physical body but how you’re feeling emotionally and mentally.
Stella I.
My favorite type of exercise is dancing, either just dancing around my house in the morning or playing just dance on my Wii.
Nina T.
Dancing and gymnastics. It gives me a chance to work on memorizing the dance routines, but also to be creative and improv some of my own dances.
Alisa W.
My favorite type of exercise is an exercise that keeps me moving. I know static exercise is very popular and very healthy in many ways, but I find those types of exercises boring. I want to move and keep my mind busy. I like pushing through challenges and overcoming the struggle.
Tonya P.
I’m trying to lose some fat and tone up my core muscle, so I’ve been combining cardio with strength exercises. I’m following Chloe Ting’s free workout program. If you are not sure about how to make a workout schedule you should check it out!
Steve E.
I really like cardio or ride my indoor bike ! I love doing these workouts in the morning now, as it starts my day going and I continue to end my day healthy !
Leilah Y.
Yoga! It can vary in intensity, so I can get my heart pumping with power yoga or settle into slow deep stretches on lazy days.
Milan C.
I like HIIT workouts because its 30 mins and fits into my schedule, I also feel the benefits mentally throughout the day knowing I've pushed myself and earned some nice carbs! Also enjoy yoga when need to ground and stretch and want something a bit slower if muscles are sore. Oh and walking the dog!
Megan U.
My favourite type is exercise is yoga because of how calm I feel after it and how it stretches my muscles. I also love HIIT because you burn a lot of calories and feel great!
Josephine F.
I prefer exercise that helps to take my mind off of the physical part of working out. I love dancing/zumba that gets me working out,while also being fun! I also enjoy swimming. Its more relaxing than tiring! But if you do it right,it will get your heart rate going and calories burning!!