How do celebrate after you complete your morning routine? It just doesn’t feel natural to me.

Ingbert Y.
I laze around the house after completing it. Play games, watch videos, etc. After the morning routine, not much else productive activities happen.
Lauren Z.
I also don't really know what a "celebration" is suppose to be or look like…
But, when I do complete my routine, I like stopping to notice what i accomplished and how i feel about it…
Just sitting in the stillness of feeling satisfied is celebration enough for me.
… and the occasional little happy dance and joyful squeak help too. ^_^. Haha
Mjo N.
So I couldn’t think of anything right away. But, just as I was getting ready to commute to work, I had a simple idea. I love to laugh, so I searched for a couple of my favorite comedians on Pandora, and listened on my way to work. Replacing my morning newscast with a little light hearted comedy, put me in an even better mood and really made the work day a little less daunting.
Sean C.
My wife and I do a sarcastic fist pump with an added “woohoo” or “Oh yeah! We did it!” It still feels a little weird and unnatural, but we are faking it until we make it.
Michael Z.
I feel you on that, it never really eased into my routine. Although, after using fabulous for a bit, doing something that is enjoyable and relatively quick 30 min max like TV. But even a jam session or mental break has worked. Keep working on finding celebrations that reinforce your morning routine.