Any ideas for building strength without owning workout equipment or a gym membership?

D Z.
Push ups for upper body strength, there are actually different kinds of push ups that focus on different areas of the body you can do. For the lower body there are squats and the same thing holds different squats focus on different parts. You can look these things up on youtube and follow people on Instagram, Instagram is a good resource for fitness training.✌
Susan Y.
Sit ups, push ups, wall sit, step ups, triceps dips, plank, side planks, run, walk and lift weights. I don’t have weights so I life water bottles or something heavy that I can hold with one hand.
Tracy G.
Yes, There are lots of apps, videos, etc. that can show you how to workout. I use "home workout, no equipment" and I pretty like it.
Dylan O.
Depending on what type of strength. Cardio like walking vigorously or running can help strengthen your legs and lungs. Depending on the style of dance, it can help strengthen various parts of your body. There's many exercises out there where you don't need equipment. Things like planking, crunches, squats, push ups, jumping jacks, etc. Use things like your couch. Use gravity. You can even use a playground to get a good workout in!
Cathy A.
The website offers a huge free selection of workouts, programs and challenges. They do not have an app. Their site and workouts are free for anyone to use. They have a filter that anyone can use to find the right workout, program or challenge based on need. They offer a wide variety of workouts that cater to building strength without equipment. I’ve actually found darebee to be a whole lot better and offer a whole lot more than all the exercise apps I’ve ever come across and what gyms offer, unless you join a CrossFit gym, but that can be grueling if not prepared. I guarantee you’ll find something that will work best for you and your needs at If you’d rather not, then your best option is to do body weight exercises like push-ups, tricep dips, sit ups, crunches, high and low planks, side planks, front side and back leg raises, calf raises, shoulder shrugs, squats, lunges, etc. But darebee will let you know if a workout is beginner or advanced and it will say how many reps per exercise, how many sets based off of your level and how long to rest between each set. For their programs they offer a timer that you can set to whatever you want as well as an option to choose how many sets you want to do. I highly recommend checking out their website, since exercising should be structured as to prevent over doing it and causing injury.
Kelly J.
Go out for walks more often. And if you have any dogs and you take them out for walks a few times a day then you're already covered on the excerciesing part. Just walking everyday can make relax you when you listen to music and it helps ur legs get strong. It might also help out ur breathing.
Johanne C.
there are workout apps that create a routine for you using only things you have at home, like wall, floor and chair. I use the 7 minute workout and love it!
Mary E.
I like yoga. It takes a bit longer to build the muscle than if you go to the gym. But you can do it at home and make it fit around your schedule. I like Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube but there are loads if yoga videos and books out there so I'm sure you'll find one that suits you!
Alix Q.
Do bodyweight work. Such as push ups, squats, burpees, running, handstand push ups, pull ups of you have somewhere to do those. You can check out some crossfit workouts. They help to build strenght and most of the movements are without any equipment.
Armand P.
If you’re looking to build strength, you have to start with a base of cardio to help strengthen your internals. Going for a morning or late night run is both an adrenaline rush as well as a great time to work out some frustration. The best way for me to get strength without equipment is by consistently practicing yoga. Since I’ve practiced yoga I have strengthened my soul and my body. You’d be amazed at how much strength is required in some of those poses. Not only that, but learning how to use your body before applying weights can help you learn about your limitations and prevent unnecessary injuries. Good luck, you can do it!
Christian N.
Do check out Mark Lauren's 'You are your own gym'. Though I should warn you that some of his exercises are quite demanding- best heed the start-small-principle taught by this app. 😉
Mery S.
Proper food intake is key for building muscle. Protein is your friend. Consistency and slow build up of exercise is a realistic approach. Try looking up at home workout routines
Mat O P.
All of the "old school" body exercises that use your weight as the strength training tool, such as push ups, sit ups, lunges, squats, leg ups, etc. You can also use gallons of milk, laundry soap or soup cans as weights if you want to use household items.
Reis N.
Own body resistance workouts (i follow apps or YouTube videos). also, i bought a pair of adjustable dumbbells. Bowflex brand (SelectTech 552i) they dont take space!
Ryan P.
Look up exercise that help build your strength and help different parts of your body. For example, push ups, and burpees and make sure you start small and work your way up to bigger numbers.
Byron F.
I have a gym membership cos I love to go and have a special place for sweating. I don't use the equipment there I do squats, push-ups and lunges and yoga for strength
Phillip U.
Focus on what you wanna improve.
I usually follow some experts on instagram or youtube and listen and follow their sujestions.
Listen to your body, go step by step.
Soham B.
There are alot of ways to build strength without owning equipment or joining a gym. For example, push- ups, crunches. You can even make up your own moves. That is what I do sometimes. If I know that my arms are not as strong as my legs, I adapt to my surroundings and see what I can do to improve my strength using a wall for example. A tip I would say is make a playlist of songs that inspire you to try your hardest and listen those songs. It helps me more than ever!