How important is stretching and can I be effective stretching only 5 minutes at a time?

Rhiannon F.
It makes me connect back with my body, check in with my mind body connection. It lets me connect back to my yoga practice and take my head out of work.

Sarah Z.
Stretching helps you perform better in physical activities as it increases your flexibility and range of motion. It increases blood flow to your muscles and decrease muscle stiffness. Improves posture. Calms the mind and reduces stress.
Five minutes are not enough if stretching is the only exercise you do. Try to spend 15 to 20 minutes if possible.

Domenico Z.
I have most of the time no more than 10mins to stretch. My advise is to define a 3-days routine (i.e. arms and shoulders, torso/back,legs), define 8 positions you will keep 40s. Rotate every day the 3-days routine.
It's better to do less positions but lasting more then 30s. It works.

Suzanne A.
Thanks to stretching you won't be so tight. If it comes to effects, the best you will see after stretching the same part of your body about 30min a few times in a week. 5min is not much, but work with what you have. Just focus on one thing at the time I guess?Also 5min is the amount you should spend stretching after exercising for strength/muscle growth (or after cardio), so you won't be sore after. Remember to warm up before any stretching too! Other way you can really hurt yourself.

Rohanie P.
Not stretching after a work-out is how people step off the curb and snap a tendon. Stretch! I would go for at least 10 minutes to also use it as a cool-down.