How do you celebrate after exercising?

Nahomy Z.
By eating a tub of ice cream…just kidding, a tall glass of cold water is most rewarding and definitely refreshing. Try it out!
Mia Z.
I drink lots of water, eat a healthy breakfast and just do things that I love. Do whatever you like to do but be sure to drinks lot of water after!! Hope I helped ♡
Harper F.
Take time to pamper yourself! Take a nice bath and put in some essential oils and bath salts. Read a book and light a candle. Give yourself the freedom to LET GO….you deserve it! You can also play some music to pump yourself up. You could also have a small square of dark chocolate, which is heart healthy. Remember, as a Fabulous user I will support you in whatever you do.
Irina Q.
I open my window and feel the sunshine and wind outside. This make me feel great in the morning. Then I would enjoy my breakfast.
Siegrid Y.
I’m trying to get better about this but I’ve been celebrating by stretching/ foam rolling! Or using the Fabulous moment thing
Inguelore P.
Nothing over the top. I take time to reflect on a feeling of accomplishment. I think about all the days I haven’t exercised, and how even getting to a light sweat is a massive step forward. Then I grin for myself.
Shuntu O.
Currently I don’t. But it will be good to start reflecting on what I just did and make an emotional attachment what I accomplished!