Where in your routine do you put exercise? If I put it too early, I’m less likely to get out of bed, and if I put it too late, I bail on the routine and excuse myself by saying I ran out of time.

Elyssa U.
As soon as I finish getting ready, I start a small exercise, then come down to eat something. I also take the tim ego exercise later in the day, while watching TV.
Regina O.
I know I don't like waking up, I enjoy my sleep, so I do a quick short HIIT workout to get the blood flowing to my brain before my morning shower.
Be Ta N.
Hi! I would start small. Very small. In the beginning, I would not commit to a whole exercise regime, just a very light morning exercise—10 squats, for example, would do the trick. You can set “Exercise” in your morning routine, directly before “Drinking a glass of water”, and get the 10 squats over with directly in front of your bed. Thus, you could not only proudly check off your daily dose of exercise, but you could also get your blood pumping, your heart-rate up for the day. Later on, after a week or two, you could add another “Exercise” habit—this time, to your afternoon routine. I am not an expert on this, just experimenting, but I have tried and would strongly recommend doing the 7-minute body-weight exercise program in the Fabulous app. (You can choose this when you launch the Fabulous moment of that particular habit.) Beware, although it takes only 7-9 minutes to complete, it might feel brutal at first. It is, however, pretty effective. I hope this helps. Let’s do our best together! 🙂
David N.
I treat myself to get out of bed, I say “okay if you get out of bed, you can have your morning macchiato sooner” maybe a croissant or whatever I’m feeling for. Once I’m up, i do the bare minimum between bed and my car, drive to the gym and force myself. After, and only after I’ve gone to the gym can I treat myself go back home and start my day with my shower, etc. I have to make time in the morning, because the rest of the day is not in my control, too much going on; my mornings are my time, my space
Ted N.
I usually exercise after eating a light breakfast. The time for doing all this stuff came from getting up a half hour earlier (& going to bed earlier too). I usually exercise with others so I find it relatively difficult not to do so.
Bri U.
I prefer to excercise whenever I find the time. If I had to choose a time it would be in the afternoon because i can give myself a boost of energy when i need it most.
Krzesimir B.
I get up about 20-30 min earlier than I usually would and workout. I recommend trying to get up 5-10 min earlier every week until you reach your desired wake up time.
Leana E.
As soon as I get out of bed I drink my water then I do meditation and I do my exercise right away so it all gets done before I start getting ready for the day. I eat my breakfast at work so that is last on the list.
I hope that helps.
Laurie Q.
I tend to put it in the afternoon, my work sometimes gets out early and taking the time on myself truly makes me feel good. I’d rather spend it at the gym than doing most other stuff. The only pitfall is sometimes I come home from work so exhausted I end up napping instead
Annika N.
After I eat breakfast or as I’m prepping it. I do something relatively easy most of the mornings as well , it’s easier to get the energy every day knowing I’m not straining myself
Caitlyn P.
Getting out of bed to do exercise is the best time . It makes you start moving and it makes it easier (most days) to get the rest of your tasks accomplished because you've woken up expended some energy and your ready to go. I try to give myself a nap or quiet time when I workout in the morning because I work at night so it gives me some chill time before work
Ethra N.
For now I’ve been found a max 10 minute workout as soon as I get out of bed, because that short enough not to allow for time being my excuse.
Sisnando S.
I incorporated my exercise into my day. It truly depends on your daily schedule – start by listing down what you do every day into blocks and you’ll see that in between these blocks, there are few minutes that you can spare every now and then.

Most of my exercise is during the commute to work, which involved about 2000-2500 steps each way. Throughout the day, I would take the stairs, walk around the office, and other small exercise. By the end of the day, I would have accumulated more than 10,000 steps and that’s my exercise for the day!

I would also do stretching, sit ups and push ups once I get home, just before shower so I still have the energy to exercise.

Hope this helps!

Elias Z.
I’ve had the same issues. I have typically turned to working out before I go to work or will do it on my lunch break. What I have really found to work for me is changing the way I think about working out/exercising. When I think about it as a time of self care/self love, it makes it easier to make it a priority above other things
Carolina P.
Well, I used to work as a paralegal and a personal trainer after work, while studying, you can imagine my schedule was pretty busy none the less, I always find time to train myself, because I think is not a matter of finding the best time is a matter of finding the state of mind to do what it takes to reach your goals, regardless of the time you pick there's always something happening that might interrupt your ideal schedule, but this does not mean that you won't get creative and find the way to train, make a commitment to yourself every day, regardless what life throws on your way you will find at least 5 minutes to train. Treat your self as you treat relevant eras of your life, be respectful with your commitments and I warranty you that you will be successful.
Claire S.
My answer to you is swim when there is laps time! Do you go to the pool and have pool schedule ? Wherever it says LAP TIME. Go and swim for half an hour 4 days a week , after the pool you will yawn with your mouth Nd be hungry very hungry so take a quick nap if you nothing else important to do like work or homework or clean home perhaps or run errands and go buy ingredients for your diet and eat in portions , that will fill up your time to eat on time cook on time and start cooking next meal on time that should give you something to do . Once you wake up from your nap I suggest before you even take a nap you make your meal with measuring cups put in wrapping plastic paper , put in fridge when you wake up take out fridge and eat it and start cooking next meal, then do your homework and submit before due date ! 11:59 pm before it! Do it then then eat the meal u take out from fridge , look at the schedule for your pool and find where it say “laps time”. Go swim ! And do same next day ! Good luck
Milena V.
I put it first thing in the morning before work but I make it short until I break the resistance for doing it and when I start liking it and needing it, then I increase the difficulty and time.
Meghan O.
So, I have a dog. My dog gets me out of bed to go to the bathroom. Instead of just letting her straight out the back door, I instead put on sneakers and sweats I put next to the bed the night before and leash my cutie for a walk around the block to do her business. This means when I get her home, I'm already dressed for a run, already out of bed, and I've already faced the cold of Midwest winter. May as well run, right?!

Treat your exercise like I treat my dog's bladder. It needs tending to in order to keep the peace in your world. Depression and anxiety thoughts are like pet messes on the carpet: it's better to keep them from happening in the first place than it is to clean them up try to keep them from staining once they happen.

Jan A.
There is no precise way to determine where to put your exercise in. I put it right after drinking water, because, I already sat up to drink water, might as well stand up to get to exercising too. The only way you will surely do it, is if you tell yourself you will do it, and stick to it. Buy a workout mat and place it in a visible space. Or if you are running place your running shoes at the door out of your room. You just have to do it.
Genesis T.
Sometimes getting into the habit of exercising can be harder than the exercise itself. If you want to exercise in the morning, try the Fabulous "just get moving" exercise routine which takes 1 minute. Once you've done that a few times in the morning, pick a few exercises you can do within 5 minutes (and you don't find too challenging!) and do those instead. Over time, you can increase this time gradually, but it's important it becomes a part of your routine you enjoy.
If your schedule is flexible, you can bring that work out to a later time and think of who can join you to keep you accountable. I go to the gym around lunch time most times, since I have a friend who I go with at that time and we motivate each other. Also, I feel like that's when I have the most energy. Whenever I miss that I'll find a way to go for a quick run in the evening.
Another good way to get moving is signing up for a class which you have to pay for in advance. If you've already paid a semester of dance classes, for example, you'll be less likely to miss since you'll be wanting to get the most value out of your hard earned money. This is a good option if you can only find time to exercise in the evenings, but normally feel tired after work and you find it harder to motivate yourself at that time.
Marilde Z.
I have found going for a midday jog best suit me. It helps to break up my day from the office job, during the week. On the weekend, I like running the first time in the morning. This is because it allows me to get a quick sense of satisfaction or a sense of completion. I have found using a running application such as Adidas Runtasic helpful.

I also go to the gym regularly. I found splitting my workout per day is beneficial, especially with the strength training app. The App has images of exercise to do so that helps me visually see how to do it. I think to progress I need to start picking (planning) which exercises I will be doing.

Baraa N.
Well, to overcome this challenge I committed to do 2 exercises. One in the morning and one in the evening. So, when I am tired at least I can do one.
Shane P.
For me, exercise helps me get out of bed so I put it early into my routine. Sometimes I like to go for a run early so I can see the sun rise. However, if you don't particularly like it or it stops you from getting out of bed maybe do something like go for a walk or dance for a 5 to 10 minutes right before you eat breakfast. Maybe breakfast can motivate you to wake up early but before you have it you have to do some exercise. I hope this was able to help you 🙂
Bonnie B.
The best part of the day to exercise (according to Ayurveda) is in the morning. So first, make a habit of wake up early so you can slowly fit in all the things you want to do in your morning ritual (stretch, scrap your tongue, oil pulling [up to 20 min], splash your face with cold water, eliminate, drink lemon water, meditate, Gratitude jornal/pray and finally Move)
Maria Z.
Always early. It’s easier once you make it a habit. I now wake up in the morning even during weekends when i don’t have to be up early because i became so used to working out early. And because i run outside a lot it’s really quiet and relaxing. Later on in the day i feel the tiredness and the bloating of the food i had during the day and it makes me feel icky and sluggish and totally not ready or in the mood to work out
Ginger Q.
I have the same issues. I've madey peace with the fact I'm just not going to get up earlier. I've started writing in my calendar immediately after work. If I go straight into exercise, I get it done and am still in leisure mode before dinner