How do you motivate yourself on those days when you feel like doing nothing?

Mille A.
Your plan is not your goal. So you can be flexible with your plan, as long as you keep your main goal in mind. This is one of the most crucial ways to motivate yourself, don’t stick to a strict plan and be prepared for change. Probably the biggest enemy of all, being passive always leads to failure. Always work towards what you want, of course, you need to have a day off, you need to chill out, let yourself have a break, but use this chill-out time as a reward for your hard work, not a daily routine. Good luck <3
Naruto H.
I just think “sugar is addicting and if I give in then the app is just proving that it is so easy to give in” and for extersize I do music
Alice W.
I think about the benefits of doing something good for me.
Take time to imagine how those tiny steps will make me achieve my goals.
Shelly Y.
I think of my long term goals that I'm working for. It keeps me motivated, and sometimes gives me something to look forward to.