How to balance getting enough sleep versus getting up early enough to exercise?

Rishabh F.
sleep early at night, almost before 10PM. the body takes its time to relax and get into the zone of shutting down for the day, so dinner should be over by 8 and all digital devices should be away once you hit the bed and it's lights out.

Charlotte P.
If you get up early to get some exrcise done like at 5 or 6 am you might want to go to sleep earlyer like at 10 or 10:30 pm that way you can balance your sleep with your exercise.

Lylou C.
For me, I like to go to bed 15 minutes before I have ro so in the morning I wake up 15 minutes earlier than I have to so I can drink my water, wash my face with cold water to wake myself up, then do a 7 minute exercise which is on this app. That way it's a quick exercise and I still get the same mount of sleep I would normally get if I didn't exercise.