Do you find it easier to exercise or in the afternoon/night? And why for either one?

Jasmina T.
It's easier for me to exercise in the morning or afternoon because it helps me get awake for the day but also because I am usually too tired from the day to exercise in the evening or at night.
Gabe F.
I find it easier to exercise in the afternoon and evening because I struggle to wake up early and need to go straight to work in the morning. I have more free time in the evening. I also feel more energised in the evening.
Lison T.
I find it easiest in the morning – in the afternoon and night, I too often have some other thing that I can tell myself needs to be done right now and therefore I can't exercise. It's too easy to talk myself out of it. In the morning, I have dedicated time for exercise and nothing else has come up in my day, so it's easier for me to keep that time dedicated! I sometimes experiment with exerciskng at other times, though, just to switch it up and check in with myself about what feels best.
Lloyd N.
At night because I have more time. I'm more calm. It's before bed and it relaxes me. It's more of a " me time " while everyone is asleep. I can take my time, I don't have to rush. I don't have to wake up earlier to do it.
Jeanne T.
Probably in the afternoon bc in the after noon I'm up and have walked around so I'm already awake and it will be easier to exercise bc my body is awake but if I do it at night I will be more sleepy and less energetic and I like to chill at night.
Heather X.
It's not necessarily easier for me to do one over the other, it's more that if I don't do it in the morning, I dread it all day. Like having to do that in addition to EVERYTHING else I have to do.
Al O O.
I find it easier to workout at night because my mornings and afternoons are jam packed with school and work and working out at night allows me to fall asleep better and relax
Owen Y.
Morning. It’s harder but it helps start your day. At night, you should prioritize rest and recovery. Try stretching at night and do push-ups and squats in the mornings! 🙂
Storm W.
I find it easier to exercise in the afternoon, but thats me personally. For me, it helps by relieving some stress from the day’s events. It really is up to you but I suggest exercising in the afternoon because it is a great way to de stress. So try the afternoon and see how that works and if it is not for you, then try exercising in the morning.
Maja B.
I find it is easier to exercise at night at around 8:00 to 9:00 because the afternoon honestly I’m probably still getting my breakfast and when I wake up I’m still pooped either from the night before or from waking up cuz I’m not an early bird
Axelly O.
I find it easier in the morning one of the first things. It just makes me happy and gives me a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment
Lucille U.
I prefer to workout in the afternoon cause then my body has time to let my energy flow out that way I can go to sleep at a good time to get up for work in the morning.
Jicely I.
It’s much easier for me to exercise in the evening. I don’t have time in the morning with getting ready to get to work but after work I have made it a part of my routine to go to the gym. I have a workout partner and it helps having her keep me accountable for the evening gym times. The morning would be too early for me and I feel as if I’m not awake enough yet, then I’m not getting as good of a workout in. I want to be more present so the afternoon/evening works great for me.
Rozemarijn B.
For me it's easier to exercise in the afternoon because then I am motivated. Once it's dark I find it hard to exercise because all I want to do is relax and watch television
Cl Mence C.
I find it easier to exercise in the morning because it energizes me and it sets my day on the right track. It gives me also more flexibility to my evenings, where I can spend time with my family, do nothing if I want to, practice my hobbies or work if I have to.
Eslam O.
Setting a time in the afternoon means switching my mind from work or social life to exercise mode then back to life. Nah I prefer finishing my exercise in the morning then focus on other stuff
Sia S.
Actually I usually exercise in the morning because at night or in the afternoon I don't have the time to exercise
But on the rare occasion when I exercise at night I find it very satisfying as it relieves all the built up stress and tension in my body from the days toils it really helps me to have a good night sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning.
So in summary I find it easier to exercise at night than in the afternoon
Sarah P.
A bit of both in honesty. I started out a new routine in the morning, where I'd go for a fast walk more or less upon waking, for at least 30 – 50 minutes. Then one day I caught a cold and didn't manage to get out early (felt rough). When I got back into the routine I started doing yoga in the morning instead and going out for a walk straight after work. Both routines felt good to be honest.

I guess the crux was if you know you'll struggle to rely on willpower in the beginning, exercise early. Get your body and mind into the practice of expecting exercise and movement. Get to the point where you notice you miss it (when you're not able to do it), then I found I was almost ready to play with it because the I really wanted to do it. So you can opt for a short session (at home) in the morning and longer after work.

I don't go too late though else it wakes up my mind/body too much.

Hope that helps.

Brenetta R.
Afternoons because i think it will boost your brain into a great zone of focus on your next task and then you’ll have a great night sleep
Melissa Z.
I like to exercise in the morning to get my body moving and have more energy for the day. I feel more alert during class when I exercise in the morning too.
Oriditya F.
I used to take exercises after work at evening before i took shower to get a good sleep. Bcz it would make me sleep earlier and got a deep sleep.
But sometimes i felt too tired after work that i fell asleep before dinner time and skipped the exercises as well.
Now that i am using this Fabulous apps sometimes i found it messing up with the arrangement like exercuses comes up after breakfast thats a bad thing. I mean no one wants to do push up or sprint right after you eat. Your tummy is full and you dont want to get hungry faster.
Its good to sweat in the morning before shower so your body will be ready for the day bcz you have strecthed your body and you fully awake. I dont like heavy exercises bcz i dont want to get sleepy around 10am. I like the sprints and strecth but still i wish they dont come after breakfast.
So i will just rearrange them again so that i will have breakfast after exercise and shower.
Iksha L.
I usually exercise at morning or evening. Because if I exercise in the morning I feel energetic. If I exercise in the evening or night I'll get a good night's sleep.
Iolita E.
It's easier to excersise at night as my body is super relaxed and I am done with all my work and I usually don't go VERY hard on my body at night cuz I want it to relax and rest . I recommend doing a 10 to 20 min walks and also yoga for sleeping 🙂
Saken Q.
The best exercising time, in my opinion, is the evening, at least 4-5 hours earlier before sleeping time. Because that is the part of the day when our body temperature is the highest and we will be mostly productive in our training session
Julia U.
I rather do it in the morning. Otherwise I can forget it and I don't want to do it right before bed because you get a lot of adrenalin. In the morning it can be a nice way kick off a productive day