Do you usally have breakfast before or after your exercise?

Rasmus Z.
After, because after you exercise your body is obviously pumping blood and working a little faster, so does your metabolism. So eating after you workout will help the food digest faster and probably better.
Jade G.
Usually I have breakfast first for a more intense workout but if I am just doing a light workout then I will workout first
Rachel Y.
I had it before so that my energy isn't drained while exercising. For me it's ideal since I am not looking out for weight reduction.
Bernice O.
I have it before, if I wake up and don’t eat before exercise I won’t be able to do my best. It’s always important to eat before you exercise, but wait 20-30min before you start your exercise, that way your body will be able to get the energy from the food
L Rke E.
A good, compact breakfast is better, before I work out. It helps put my head into the day … and actually makes me a little happier and more motivated. Caveat: not a heavy breakfast. That makes me sluggish and spikes my reflux.

If I exercise first, it’s more of a chore. Plus my blood sugar drops, mid-workout, making me unhappy and edgy … completely erasing a serotonin boost I get from the exercise.

Ava W.
Pre workout meal is recommended unless you are doing fasted training. And the post workout meal is the most important meal of the day.
Leilane P.
In my morning routine, I only practice yoga and meditation. After that, I make my breakfast.
I only exercise in my night routine, where I practice some exercises and yoga. After that, I take a shower and finally have dinner.
Lori Z.
I usually do it before cause I’ve found I’m really hungry now that I’m eating breakfast, I’m starving in the morning. So I eat before exercising but I leave a bit of time in between so I don’t feel sick exercising on a full stomach straight away.
Frank T.
Before, but I think it would be good to eat before and after exercise. Maybe some carbs before and protein after to rebuild muscle.
Ricardo S.
It depends on the day. I have breakfast first thing when I start working around 8:30/9. Three days I work out I the morning around 5:30, and two are in the evening. Saturdays I workout in the morning but it’s a bit later.
X Nio A.
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Judy C.
I usually eat after because if i eat before i find it makes me feel sluggish when i exercise. If i feel i need something for fuel i will grab a 1/2 slice of peanut butter toast our eat 1/2 my yogurt.
Hana S.
Before. I like to exercise in the afternoon if it's more physical than just dancing. But if I'm just dancing to music then I'll do that while I'm cooking breakfast
Joshua O.
I usually have to have a little bit of energy for my workout. If I have some fruit on hand I will eat that but usually I will have some Gatorade for quick energy (sugar) plus I can probably use the hydration . Then I have eggs after I work out.
Arnulf R.
I have breakfast after I exercise, since I might get a bit tired and feel a little more “lethargic” during exercise if I eat before. I might drink a small protein drink slightly before or during, though.
Evelyn E.
Always after. Eating builds unnecessary pressure up in the system, and will make you feel bloated during your exercise session.
Roy U.
I usually eat breakfast after I exercise. I do this because I work out at 6:30 so I don't have much time to do it before.
Emilie A.
I always eat after. I find that I can’t really stomach food as soon as I wake up and I like to workout first thing to energise and power my day.
Kristina J.
Sometimes i do it before breakfast, because that day i do a cardio exercise. But if i will be doing weight training i eat my breakfast before exercise.
Willie U.
I eat something light before exercise, like bread slice and I eat good breakfast after exercise. Like eggs, chapati paneer burji, sprouts and milk with some protein
Firmina Z.
I always eat breakfast afterwards because eating before tends to make me feel nauseous as I'm working out. It took some time to get used to (I am very hungry when I wake up) but now it works very well for me. But every person is different; I know some people don't have enough energy to exercise if they don't eat beforehand.
Billie O.
It depends on how hungry I am when it’s time to exercise. If I exercise first thing in the morning I’m usually not hungry for breakfast until after I exercise.
Livia Z.
Before. It’s better for your body and your mind.
You can find this recommendation (do exercises before meal) in a lot of practice, like yoga or gigong, and in up-to-day classic medicine research
Gilcenira T.
I usually have a quick healthy, small but satisfying breakfast before exercising. HOWEVER… everyone is different:) Maybe try it both ways to see which feels best for your body❤️🙌🏻❤️
Stephanie Y.
I usually eat about 1 hour before exercising strenuously. If I’m planning light exercise, like walking, I’m less concerned about waiting for 1 hour after a meal.
Floyd E.
After I exercise, because that way I don’t feel full when I’m jumping and running around. It also is because I try to exercise as soon as I wake up to avoid any chance that something gets in the way of exercise. And this way, I can enjoy a leisurely breakfast knowing that I have already accomplished something. Finally, working out first helps me build up a morning appetite. I do have a glass of water before exercising though, as part of my routine.
Salvador U.
I eat after I exercise because I workout first thing in the morning. Also, I am doing intermittent fasting and I try to wait quite some time after exercising.
Annie T.
Lately I’ve been working out for 5 minutes before I eat. Doing core exercises and stretching and using a foam roller. Then after my breakfast I go for a run or a walk or exercise for 15+ minutes then go for a run/walk. I work evening shift. The morning is easy. Unwinding at night is hard for me.