What are your go-to exercises to get you moving? How about a go-to song?

Laurie O.
Morning exercises – star jumps, usually about 30, or a ride round on my cruiser board. As for go-to songs, probably Kenny Loggins “Footloose” or MF DOOM “Vomitspit”, a surprisingly chill song
עדי מורג N.
I like to do a 10 minute yoga session in the morning. It helps me strech and feel my body better.
When I want to feel energized I just put on a few songs and dance. I like songs that are upbeat but also have a positive mindset, like "it's my life" by Bon Jovi or "Try everything" from zootopia.
John P.
Go-to exercise is burpees. Quick, convenient cardio involving the whole body to wake you up. This followed by a morning walk is the perfect way to start the day and align your circadian rhythm, Huberman lab style. Go-to songs include any morning mix on Spotify
Diana N.
Dancing is my favorite exercise. I don't have a go to song, I just search for something that is fun enough to convince me to move.
Meszes E.
I do the 5 pushup thing if nothing else.
Otherwise I do a seven minute HIIT workout.

For songs I just put on some metal, but that's my preference