How can I make sure I am accomplishing all of my tasks without feeling overwhelmed?

Nicolau P.
Keep the tasks small and simple. If you’re repeatedly missing tasks, consider removing them for a while, just until the other tasks are habituated. Set yourself up for success! Best of luck!
Nicole T.
I have felt overwhelmed at times as well. During those times, I try to be more compassionate and patient with myself. I reflect on why I’m feeling overwhelmed, and I cut back on my less important tasks. I know that when my tasks become more permanent, I’ll be able to take on more without feeling overwhelmed. For the meantime, though, as I’m learning and forming new habits, I allow myself to step back in order to make greater strides forward later, when I’m able to.
Theodore T.
Our to do lists are typically unending. We forget that our time & energy is limited. To prevent carrying around everything in our head, it may be a good idea to write everything down and then start prioritizing them from 1-10. I have now started to list 4 things that I can get completed this day today and then write down the items for other days- Saturday – do ABC, Sunday do xyz

By doing it this way, I am able to dump all that is in my memory to a piece of paper and still prioritize them.

I get overwhelmed when I start fussing about everything that needs to get done. This helps me a bit to reduce the overwhelm. Couple it with deep exhalations that help our bodies, it works out better for our bodies

Inaya Y.
Don’t create too many tasks on your to-do list. Start small and add on when the first ones feel like second nature. Your success is the summation of small positive habits.
Camila U.
I try to break everything down into little bits. If I need to do laundry, I write a list with washing, drying, and putting it away as separate tasks.
Lohan Y.
If you are feeling overwhelmed, maybe you have put too many tasks in your daily routine. Try to choose the crucial part and make it a habit before adding the next part.
Ralf F.
I am not really sure how to answer that; I feel overwhelmed a lot of the time. What I’ve started doing with my to-do lists recently is really paring them down, and prioritizing what’s REALLY important. If the amount of things on my list makes me feel like I’ll be running around like a crazy person, then something’s got to give. There’s always tomorrow.
Hans Gerd O.
I moved my tasks around until I found a flow that worked for me. I also set my alarm for 5:30 am so I can get things done, not always easy but worth it to me. All I can recommend is that you keep working at it until it feels like second nature and the overwhelming part should improve. Best of luck.
N Uton T.
I try to make sure that if I don't accomplish my goal that day I can tomorrow. If you fall off the bike you get back on. You don't sell the bike.
Romain C.
These aren't tasks to accomplish, you do these things because you enjoy them or because they make you feel better. For example, taking a shower and be clean is not a task. Start very very small. Like, just a minute of workout in the morning. I don't like to eat breakfast, I used to drink coffee, but now I (at least) drink coffee AND eat a yogurt. Sorry my English.
Charlotte P.
Small steps ensure it becomes a long term goal. Keep each step simple too. If you make a mistake, that's ok. Just start again the next day.
Silke Z.
When I want to build new and better habits I like to look at it as a game, a competition, for my new self against my old/current self. But watch out for negativity! A step forward is great but not doing it doesn't mean anything! You're still in the same place, you haven't failed anything you've just not done anything, only good comes from doing! Never let guilt of not doing stand in your way of doing.
Felix Z.
I just go with the app. Sometimes it doesnt suit, it reminds me later and sometimes I cant do it at all but i like to see completeness so this works for me
Zuleica Q.
Hi, I don't know if my answer will get to you because I am a senior Senior, who was quite overwhelmed myself. And I felt that if I followed the day's routine that where is time for me, my husband, and doing household needs. I was fine in the morning! However, the rest of the day, I was clock watching, I had my routine plans that I didn't want to give up: book club meeting, Canasta club, Mental Health group where I try to help kids and adults with their problems…in different meetings. I was quite frustrated.
Then I realized that The Fabulous was not saying that we had to do all this at the strict timetable. They are concerned that we do these rituals at our time. We can tweek when we do it and how we do it… long as we do it daily, it is the repetition of the habit that makes it become an important part of our lifestyle.
Personally, because I am 82 year lady with physical issues. I don't have the ability nor the energy to follow the program as is, so I adapt it to allow me to do it. The importance of doing the habits daily is prime, as it is the point at which they are getting.
I don't have young children, or young grandchildren for that matter to take up my time. I am able to spend my free time as I wish. And I do. And my wish is to change myself to a healthy lifestyle so that whatever time I have left will be more enjoyable for me. When I am feeling better physically AND mentally, my friends and family tend to benefit, as well. I am not a shy, retiring, little old lady! When with my children and grandchildren, we tease each other, unmercifully.! Because of my stretching an hour 5 times a week at least, I feel so much better, more flexible, less pain and my body has become more toned. I now compare myself with a couple of late teenaged grandsons who are athletes. We compared our arm muscle and how high we can lift our legs, while sitting…… And I beat them both! And they do not cheat to make me feel good because they know that I can tell. We have compared ourselves in the past! I am a feisty Nana! I was a very active kid. And although I am not as physically fit as in the past, my mind is still doing very well.
I mention myself in order to let you know that I know what you are feeling. Fabulous is suggesting that you create healthy habits on a daily routine. I have found that for me, doing the exercises and/or stretching works. If I write about journals about Gratitudes, my Purpose, my Mistakes(and changes to correct them through behavior or thoughts), etc. etc. I have to admit that writing about myself is the most difficult for me to do. While saying that, I do know that when I read what is written, I see where I need to change. The biggest problem is facing myself. But, only the journals tell me who and what I am. Only through them do I find my inner self. It is the most difficult thing for me. But, I try to do it.
This long story to suggest that you do the habits daily, but at a time that is good for you. Otherwise, you might be at risk of not doing it one day. When you stop one day, it is easier to stop another day, leading to Not creating a habit! Just as you do what you enjoy, it is easy to stop doing a habit that is good for you that isn't as enjoyable! Please try to keep doing the routines. In time, it works!
So, if you find you are having a problem, please write to knowledgeable people who work to make us happy and healthier people.
I wish you success, good health, great happiness and a lot of laughter! I believe that laughter is the best cure for most of our problems. Bye, bye.
Alois R.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed, maybe you have too many tasks. I found I was not making everything every day. I dropped off several tasks and focused on just two. Then in a couple weeks when I was feeling, ah this is too easy, I added back a couple more. Once these become “habit” and not something I’m worried about getting done, I’ll add a couple more.
Dave Q.
If you're feeling overwhelmed, it probably means you're taking on too much. Don't be afraid to cut back. The key is building towards making these tasks habits, and that's not going to work if you're feeling overwhelmed. Instead build on the tasks once they truly are habits (then overwhelm shouldn't come into it).
Marius G.
Planning beforehand it’s a good strategy to get things done… And I shold say breathing exercises are really wonderful tools that help improve any daily task.
Patrizia S.
It is not possible to make sure. But here's what I do to make it more likely: write down a specific plan or list . Post it where I can see it. Make them the easiest things to do, organize around doing those things above others. Like having the glass of water by your bed, the playlist for your dance on you phone or have a system like Alexa to tell to play your dance list, leave your journal out, really do celebrate like cheer into a mirror or I have a little plastic pykon that has well done written on it and I set it out where I can see it once I'm done yoga and current fav using a yoga video that starts with. Congratulations on making on making it to your mat today!
Lucas Z.
Make a list- break larger tasks into smaller, specific steps. In order to not feel overwhelmed, sometimes it helps me to write a few tasks from the list on an index card (labeled with a “1” or “A” etc.) and then a few more on another index card marked “2”, or ”B”, and so forth. That way I only see a few tasks at a time, which is both protecting me from feeling overwhelmed, and also keeps me focused! Good luck 🙂
Katherine P.
Make sure yo go by your one pace. Do not rush into things you don't feel prepared to.
Or make a huge effort trying to accomplish every little thing causing you to feel overwhelmed or even tired, the purpose of fabuluos is to create new great habits for you to be better every day, not for you to feel overwhelmed every day.
Katherine S.
Pick one task and just begin with 15 minutes and Just take them one at a time and celebrate each one as you finish it. I have a lovely glass of club soda with ice and lime or lemon juice.
Alfred C.
First you should really relax as this is really to benefit yourself in the future to have a good lifestyle. And don’t really feel overwelmed from the timer
Dale T.
You should start small… For eg. If you are aiming to study 10hours a day, you should start by ping 2 hours, them 2.5 hours as so on each progressive day.
Ernst August W.
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. For me, if I’m getting enough
intense exercise, like a HIIT or spin class – with a coach who can push me to really sweat – I find that the other stuff which gets piled on does not freak me out.
I get to the end of the day and know I’ve done well by my body and the rest of it sort of falls into place.
When I can’t quite focus enough to get the sweat on, nothing else takes enough priority for long enough to cool me out.
Stefan F.
If it feels overwhelming, you should cut down on your task list. Keep only the things you are capable of doing and the ones that are the most important. To do that, prioritise. Once you get in the rhythm of progression, you can build from there.
Freddie E.
To be honest, I don't know. But take it one thing at a time. Like if u r going to do one habit, just do that. Don't think about others what u r going to do next. It may seem really difficult but trying doesn't cost anything. Also after completing the habit, like it is told in app, do celebrate that u completed it. It will act as positive reinforcement and it will motivate u to go next habit.
Ethan N.
I think you should compare the other things that you are doing and they are not good for you, like coming home and watch TV for 1 hour and then you realise that you didn’t watch nothig intersting and practically you wasted 1 hour. And they are more examples like that. To not feel overwhelmed you need to understand that all you are doing it’s not a good rutine for you and you need to change something but in small steps. The app also suggested that. If you think to yourself: I don’t think that if i will start to make 5 min of exercises in the morning i will get ill or something bad will happen to me. In the beginning you will not do the exercises every morning but from 7 days if you do 4 days that a win, if you will continue to do that for like a month you will not feel that pressure when you are doing them but in fact you will start to miss them. And other routines can be done also. But the first thing you need to realise that you want to start a change if you will start with a thinking that let’s try it and see what will happen, you won’t change anything. But if you will start with the positive attitude that you want to change and it’s not that hard to wake up with a half an our early and eat a good breakfast or make some exercises then you will start to see that it’s not that hard and overwhelming. Another way to not feel overwhelmed it’s to start to read about great athletes or couches and what they did to have that success and then you will realize that they are working 10 times harder then you. You need to think: they are humans, I’m human. Why they can do that and I can’t? The answer it’s simple: they are not lazy. You need to do at least 10% of what they are doing to see some good results. The battle of overwhelming its psychological but it can be resolved with a positive thinking.
Joan J.
Personally I take my time with them. One task at a time. Some days it's hard to keep them all on track and then is when I need to pep talk myself that I'm doing the best I can.
Lina E.
1. Play with the order of your habits. Move them around until the flow makes sense for you. 2. You control your journey. While it may be tempting to go fast and add more habits to your list, sometimes we have to go slow to go fast. Stop to evaluate your readiness when you are prompted with a new challenge. 3. Be honest about completing tasks. It may be tempting to check a box before you complete the task to preserve your "streak", but resist. This is valuable feedback about what is working for your habits and where you still need to solidify your routines, commitment, etc. This is a personal journey, there is no perfect.
Pedro Y.
Honestly. It comes from the willingness to change. Also a balanced plan that lets you build up at a rate that does not feel overwhelming. If something is not working. Move it to another part of your schedule. Or remove it. But also consider putting something in that you feel is not overwhelming. It’s important to push yourself to set up the new habits.
Simon N.
By making a to-do-list first. Just start writing down everything you have to do, sure you might feel overwhelmed by that, but as you are listing your tasks you also get into a structure, a plan for the day. Prioritize next and then determine how long you will need for each task, and plan rewards for yourself after each step you take. Also make 5min breaks after every 25min. It seems like a waste of time, but 25min are the perfect amount for being highly concentrated.