How do you make sure you have time to exercise every morning? What preparations do you put in place?

Jesse S.
I just do 30 squats. I am going to include 10 jumping jacks as well this week. This literally takes 5 minutes to do with no preparation and I can do it from anywhere.
Liam T.
I only need 7 mins. If I don't have time to do a particular work out then I just include the 10-15 minute walk down a hill on my way to school.
Emily P.
The night before – plan what the workout is going to be (ie. Cardio, circuit, yoga, bike ride, etc) and then set my clothes out and set my alarm.
Jacqueline A.
It’s important to make exercise as easy as possible. We as humans like to make excuses for ourselves and take the path of least resistance because it makes us feel safe. Make sure you put your workout clothes and shoes by the bed so you can jump up out of bed and get straight into them
Jean Y.
I always have a good Audiobook and my headphones ready near the door. This motivates me to go out and take a walk while i listen to it
Vicki T.
Get enough sleep. Set alarm to allow for exercise and getting ready for work. Ideally have lunch made night before. Set clothes out. Do not press snooze alarm.
Hugh E.
I usually exercise in the morning before school, or before we go anywhere or do something fun on the weekend. I also usually like to wake up early so it’s not a problem to wake up extra early to exercise, and naturally on school days I get up early. I really like this app and it has helped me make habits for the good when my life has been crazy!
Terry Y.
I use excersises that can be done while in or on the bed. If I want to do other ones I start with these for the right mindset.
Emilie P.
I aim to incorporate a walk on the days I’m in the office as I can be very sedentary. I try and commit to my yoga class but I have a dog who needs a fair bit of exercise. My farming is also good as I like taking part in the walking challenges!
Dennis Z.
I’ve set up a full routine of my day… I prepare myself mentally for the next day before I sleep.
The mental picture of my goal body is what also wakes me up. I do home workouts, I use apps to help me structure the kind of exercises I need to do
My weekly routine looks like this…
04:30 Exercise
05:00 Pray/Bible study
05:45 Bath
06:00 Prepare the kids
07:00 Leave home for school
13:00-14:00 Read a book
18:00-19:00 cook
19:00 Bath the kids+tuck them in 😴
20:00-22:00 House chores+ prep for school
22:00 Sleep 😴

For me it all boils down to commitment and dedication to your set goals. That feeling of fulfillment after achieving my goals for the day is priceless, it keeps me going

Ricardo C.
I plan my day the night before (but not to the last detail that’s done in the morning). I also prepare my clothing and water bottle so everything is there when I need it. There’s always time when you really want it to be.
Louisa P.
I just follow the app instructions to get me motivated and prepared. I just need to show up and the rest is done for me by the app.
Anna C.
The truth is: I don’t. I do exercise most mornings and what I do to prepare for that is to take a (literal) minute to set aside my clothes and running gear the night before and make sure I hydrate myself before bed and as soon as I wake up. However, I do run into days where I don’t have time to exercise in the morning. On those days, I always make sure I do SOMETHING later on in the day, whether it’s doing a few sets of calisthenics, a quick 15-minute yoga session or running a mile on the treadmill. I make sure I get something in somewhere.
Kasper Z.
I wake up 30min earlier , set up the alarm with a music list design for my morning routine . Every song has special meaning , so every thin is about my music , one song for specific activity ( for wake up, for 7 minutes exercise , for cooling down, shower , dressing and make up , 😀
Alma W.
Well I’m still working on it actually but I do think it helps to put out my running shoes or yoga mat near my bed so that I can see them in the morning. My other trick is making sure I get to bed early enough so that I can wake up nice and early and do the exercise.
Celestino Q.
I keep both my alarm and clothes in the adjoining bathroom. Once I’m up, I don’t let myself lay back down. My clothes are put out the night before, so it’s hard to ignore!
Bert W.
Well, I have a gym membership which really is motivating and works as a push for me. I have to be strict with myself and try to go early in bed and early out of bed also. Is not easy but I am thinking how I will be at the end of the year and that makes me feel inspired. Hard work that will pay off. I definitely recommend to those who are not so consistent with working out like myself to get into a gym, have some personal training because the fact that other people are waiting for you and believe in you gives a big responsibility towards and yourself and others. For me definitely this works the best. I am not so efficient on my own.
Hector U.
Lay out work out clothes and yoga mat the night before. I have my hr monitor ready too in case it’s warm and I have time to run. But I have Asana rebel for 15-20 minutes
Kirk F.
I roll out my mat the evening before, so that I can stretch first thing in the morning. I make sure everything looks ready and inviting.
Arieta Y.
The fabulous 7 minute workout is perfect for me on days where I can't go to the gym it requires minimal space and a chair (or something that you can use for step ups and tricep dips).
Arnold J.
I wake up earlier and put my phone away before bed so I am not tempted by it in the morning. I also added a habit I like more before the exercise (reading) so I get my morning routine more enjoyable. I am more likely to complete it if I like it. I started with just 5 minutes and Joe’s it to 15. I am hoping to up it to half hour at some point. I also shower at night so there is one less thing to do in the morning. I also make sure my floor is clear so I can do yoga without cleaning. I am also lucky enough that my husband is supportive and makes us smoothies in the morning. I drink it while reading so I am not hungry for exercise.