How do you stay fit and keep exercising when you are ill or injured?

Tracy G.
Do as much as you can, even if you just get out of bed and walk around the house a bit it’s better then nothing and it will also help you get better faster.
Rachel H.
It’s important to note that if you are ill or injured your body needs rest. If you have a chest/respiratory illness you should not exercise and relax. If you must a walk is all the body should take. A headache is something you can exercise through. Being mentally fit is just as important as physical fitness. Don’t rush and come back slowly. Feed the body good foods and focus on yoga and meditation to help. All bodies need rest. Listen to your body if it’s asking for it
Toni F.
I usually try to stick to a normal healthy eating and drinking habit . Then if I do decide to workout or any type of activity I’ll go super light and try to not overdue anything . Especially if you aren’t feeling that well you don’t want to do to much and it be a waste of time .
Annemarie X.
Try sticking to small exercises like the bridge pose in yoga, squats, leg raises… all depends on your injury of course!
Bianca X.
With an illness such as a cold just have the mindset that it’s not going to bother or affect you and you will be fine this includes mental illness. When injured check with your doctor but remember physio exercises are the best for injuries and going to the gym can help.
Susana S.
Makes me feel better when I at least stretch first and after that have will to workout. Also planning in advance, pripering night before helps. Sometimes telling others I will do it today keeps me acantable.
Dylan Y.
I like to practice yoga. I’m currently sick right now, actually, and just finished a 30-minute flow. You don’t have to do power yoga – I challenge myself to the limit of my illness/injury.