What exercise do you find works for you, first thing in the morning?

Priscilla N.
None. I don’t really work out in the morning time. I have a hard time getting out of bed most mornings. So much so that I only have a few minutes to get ready for work each day.
William G.
For a quick and efficient morning exercise, I find the best way to do it is to crank up some tunes! I usually go with upbeat music and do a basic burst-routine of jumping jacks, push ups, and curls. It is nice to switch it up and try to add a one minute plank when I have the energy! I’m already proud of you! 💕
Otelo P.
I have started taking time every morning to get up and do some yoga. I plug my laptop into the tv and follow one of the many yoga beginner videos on YouTube. Would really recommend!
Lucille Y.
Lately I've been going to the gym and it has honestly change my life. It even gives me energy for the entire day. I follow a custom made routine for my goals and there's never a dull moment at the gym!
Lisa N.
I do some stretches right after my alarm goes off while I'm still in bed. Exercices are usually the least important in my morning routine because I tend to work out in the afternoon. So normaly I do some rope skips or a few push-ups to get my bood pumping.
Angela Z.
I exercise from home – so the best exercise for me is something I can commit to as soon as I get up. Walking, yoga with YouTube, weights in my garage. I try to remove barriers for getting started and don’t check any media – news, messages, socials – until I have finished my workout. I stick to my timelineA throughout the day much better and then feel proud of myself when just one important thing is out of the way!