How do you push yourself to get up and be active? What do you do if you don’t love going to public gyms to work out? Lastly, what are your go to exercises for weight loss (if applicable), that you can do at home?

Marcus B.
To be honest I'm discouraged to work out, because I am trying to gain weight not lose it, so I just stick to the basic stretching, so I dont feel too tired or weak, because I would be moving to an entirely new environment I want to be strong and healthy to enjoy it.
If you can add weight gain exercises that would be great for those of us trying to gain
Alma Z.
well i started pushing myself by guving myself a reward for when it was done. And after actually doing it I felt so good that chasing the feeling was enough of a motivation for me.

I understand not wanting to go to public gyms. I hated that too at first. The feeling of knowing people can see you and being self conscious.

To face that I started doing at home workouts I found on youtube. MadFit has some good apartment friendly ones. i also found doing dance workouts when I didnt want to be so reimagining kept me hitting my goals. So re imagining what that activity looked like was important too.