So I’ve recently taken up yoga, but I’ve heard from some people that spending more time is better than spending less time. Yoga is really more of my calming start to the day. Do you think yoga is for exercise or for a warm up to your day?

Heidelinde C.
I think that it can be both. It can be what you need it to be. If the way you do it feels right to you then you should continue with it. Maybe later in the day you can throw in a longer session as an exercise if it fits your schedule. If you prefer other forms of exercise that are more dynamic or strength oriented than do that or just mix it up and replace them with yoga on alternate days. Which ever way you choose to do it can only be beneficial to you. Find what best fits and works for you and be consistent. You got this!
Fati M.
Hey, i think yoga is a meditating exercice, it clears your mind and calms your emotions and let you ready to face your day.