It feels so great to accomplish the exercise habit yet it’s seems the one item easy to dismiss when busy. How do you keep it a priority?

Muskan O.
Just do you list do to and never forget to do you exercise bcz if you don't do you exercise you won't be fresh and I look like sleppy and never be successful in life
Hans Theo T.
Making something a routine is hard. People need time to get used to something . Fabulous helps by giving reminders, and helping you get on the right track.
Herminia T.
Plan and schedule it in to your day. And always remember, regardless how busy, you have to do something for yourself – so make it exercise!
Addison U.
Instead of treating it like something on your to-do list, on your busy days just incorporate it into what you’re already doing, such as walking around while meeting with a friend or getting coffee, doing small bits of exercise in between things, and keeping yourself off a chair, couch, or bed as much as possible for the day because even standing is more beneficial than sitting
Magnus C.
Have to ensure that the task is an absolute priority always. Do everything as soon as you are able. Cram your mornings with progress activities, exercise, learning, etc. Leisure always must come after.

When faced with more important priorities e.g. work, you need to ensure you immediately get back to what you were doing for progress as soon as the work task is completed. The real enemy to fight is procrastination, virtually all my issues stem from it.

Emily T.
i’m trying to keep it in my mind that i won’t get the results i want if i don’t stay consistent. things that are worth it take time. that’s important for me to remember when i don’t feel like exercising. even if i don’t feel like it, i just do it to get over with so i’m not stressing about not exercising
Cynthia W.
I make sure to accomplish it early in the morning at dawn. My afternoon exercise is walking before I allow myself to eat. I’m on a 20/4 intermittent fast so the afternoon walk as a must before breaking my fast keeps me on schedule.
Sahar V.
See i usually like to keep myself healthy but i can sometimes get distracted from excercise since i have too many work to do in the office but i just like to take time and enjoy a bit of excercise