how do you ensure that you wake up in the morning?

Maya N.
personally i’m a morning person so i don’t really have problems with that.
but a few things i think help is obviously going to bed at a decent time, depending on when you have to wake up.
don’t drink any drinks with caffeine an hour before going to bed. eat a light dinner, drink chamomile tea.
whilst for what to do in the morning don’t set more then 2/3 alarms because your brain will just think “oh even if i don’t wake up now i can wake up to the next one” , sleeping 15 minutes more doesn’t make a difference if you already woke up to the first alarm.
Karlfried O.
I use a sleep calculator and set an alarm (on an alarm clock next to the bedroom door) to the end of a sleep cycle the closest to when I need to wake up. If I need to get up very early I usually take a cold shower just after waking up to fully awaken.