In the description it says, I should exercise first thing in the morning. Should I do it before or after breakfast or when should I prioritize it? Thanks!

Daria M.
Experiment with both: do it couple of days before breakfast, then try the opposite. it may depend on your energy levels and comfort. I personally prefer to have an exercise before anything else, so I can have my breakfast after shower and energised. I know lots of people who find exercise on an empty stomach unnecessarily exhausting. So find what feels right for you.
Ricardo T.
Hello, I prefer to have breakfast and wait an hour, it's what works best for you. I feel better mind and body if I have excercised, make sure you have fluids while exercise.
Ritik W.
After reading a lot of articles online ….when you exercise your body needs some energy to perform well during workout , so a light preworkout food with protiens and carbs is great to eat or you can just eat a banana or apple 15 min before workout .
Then after workout when you are exhausted , enjoy a protien rich and healthy breakfast .
Sree X.
I reccomend that you do it when it works for you. Take time to think about when you like to workout. If it's more enjoyable in the evening or morning. Sometimes schedules change and it easier to do it one time or the other.
Kelly X.
Do it before breakfast is better, so that the results will be faster. Exercise after eating is not recommended because it might hurt your stomach.
Peter A.
I don't think there is a right or wrong answer. You should trust your body and cater to your life. Personally, I exercise before eating anything but my wife feels sick of the dies that, so she eats half her breakfast before exercising and then eats the other half afterwards.
Sammy U.
It depends on the type of exercise, if you're doing a morning yoga session I would suggest doing before breakfast to speed up your metabolism, if something like HIIT or strength session I would have breakfast first to give the boost 😉
Frank A.
For me I prefer eating breakfast after the exercise yet I shouldn’t go exercise with an empty stomach So I usually grab 3 dates and cup of milk the first thing to start my morning as tiny breakfast
Harper Q.
I disagree with the app saying 7 minutes when I wake up. Usually I do something quick to get me going, like some press ups and squats. Then I usually shower and have breakfast and take the dog walking after that. So technically I do both, but I'd recommend a bigger chunk of exercise after breakfast than before, as you're all fuelled up. Admittedly going before has benefits, like waking you up. But for full exercise I like to be focused and awake and raring to go. So I do a little bit to help wake me up, then whatever I want to do once I'm awake and breakfasted. I hope this helps,



Amarilys T.
I usually like to exercise before breakfast since I tend to get an upset stomach if I work out after eating. Each person is different though. I know people who eat breakfast before exercising. Try having a smoothie as breakfast if you feel like eating before a work out. It won't upset your stomach and you can then make a decision that feels right for you :).
Helga O.
Before breakfast is a good time to exercise, to boost your appetite and encourage a faster metabolism while maintaining energy and motivation. Think of breakfast as a reward for your morning exercise.
Noura U.
After breakfast will be better and the reason is you've already given your body what it needs to give you the changes you want.
Kristin F.
I usually exercise after breakfast. It’s not very healthy to exercise on an empty stomach. You’ll get hungrier afterwards and eat a heavier meal than you would if you’d had breakfast.
Andr A U.
I prefer to eat breakfast before a workout to give my body energy. I will wait one-two hours before working out to let the food go down. Usually when I workout before my breakfast I feel tired and weak. But see what works for your body, everyone’s body reacts differently but I would suggest eating breakfast before.
Hunter T.
Personally, I like to drink water, exercise, then have breakfast. Exercising before breakfast helps me to curb nausea, and I also find it easier to exercise practically first thing, before other distractions get in the way. Breakfast then feels a bit like a reward for a job well done
Sofia N.
I suggest trying both and seeing what makes you feel better: do 3 days of breakfast before exercise, then 3 days of exercise before breakfast. Keep notes on how you feel during those days, then compare the notes and see which you prefer. Everyone is different, so you have to find out what works best for you. Good luck!
Basile Y.
I think doing exercise before breakfast would be better. In addition, I will regard having a great meal as a treat for doing exercise. You can put your breakfast into a baker or electric pot first and go for exercising while waiting for the breakfast to be finished.
But it is totally okay if you feel really hungry and want to have something in your stomach b4 exercising.
Xenia E.
I don't have a certain time for daily exercise, I just do it when I feel I am welling to. If I want to exercise before breakfast, I don't do it the first thing in the morning, I wait for almost an hour. Meanwhile I drink a cup of coffee or tea and it's really refreshing.
Sometimes I feel hungery and ready to prepare a healthy and delicious breakfast, so I start my day by enjoying a light meal.
Then I wait for almost two to three hours to help my stomach digest food, then I start my exercises.
Ma Line T.
I like to do it before breakfast, as soon as I wake up. This helps me keep motivated. If you feel like you need to eat breakfast first I would recommend waiting at least 30 minutes after eating before doing exercise.
Lonnie Q.
For me, I exercise after eating light breakfast because I couldn’t just exercise with empty stomach. However, I don’t exercise right away after I eat breakfast. I would just rest for about 15-20 minutes after breakfast, then do workout.
T Cio P.
It is up to you because if there is a long gap between your exercise and breakfast you will run out of energy.
But don't eat a lot or you will get a knot.
If it is a quick run or walk etc. You should eat breakfast after.
Cadence G.
Depends on how your body feels!
Some people like to work out on an empty stomach.

Other people (like me) prefer to have a small snack like a handful of nuts or spoon of almond butter before working out because it prevents you from getting dizzy and gives you energy! After working out, then I have breakfast.

Working out after a big breakfast can slow you down – if you choose to eat breakfast first, try and wait at least an hour or two before you work out!

Alfred P.
Before your breakfast it is not advisable to do intense workouts as your body do not have enough energy. You can have a walk or something like that before your breakfast .
After 1 or 2 hours having your breakfast is a good time for workouts in my opinion
Aur Lien Z.
It depends on what works for you. Change the time of the routine on Fabulous to be either before or after your breakfast, so either way you're remembering to do the routine in the same order every day. I personally have to excercise before I eat as soon as I wake up, because by breakfast, I will have thought of enough reasons to Not excercise, and then I never will! Some people need the boost of fuel before they can get moving, however. Choose what works for you.
Elias J.
The choice is up to you! Some people function better before they've eaten, and some do better after. Do what feels right and most productive for you.
Aayushi F.
If high intensity exercise then first thing in the morning means before breakfast and if you want to do after breakfast then it should be of low intensity and for maximum 45 minutes
Saurabh O.
You should do workout first and then a healthy veggie breakfast will be perfect. You can have nuts, protien bats pre workout if you like, and you'd be good to go. Having a breakfast before workout makes you heavy and somewhat less active.
Daniel A.
Hey! I think you should do it whenever feels best for you. For me, it also depends on what I do. If I go for a run, I like to eat something before hand. But if I just do a couple of core exercises, I prefer to do it before breakfast because it really helps me to wake up properly
Maddison N.
Hey there! It really just depends on what kind of workout you are planning on completing. I am a runner, so eating a heavy breakfast before I wake just doesn't work well for my times. However, if you are planning on something a little less intense like a walk, I think it is a great idea to eat before hand and fuel your workout. You can mix up the two and maybe eat some light toast before a workout so that you have something in your stomach to kick you off, and then eat a heavier breakfast after you workout. Everyone is different!Try experimenting for a week or so to find what works for you!
Emelie Y.
I understood it to be after breakfast, tried that for a while, but it doesn't work with my life, so now exercise is in the afternoon. I think the main thing is that you get going with something and don't end up procrastinating.
Josaphine E.
I exercise right after drinking water. I have young kids and awhile amusing, excercising with them is not effective. So I avoid waking them up, put on a Leslie sansone walk at home video on YouTube, and give myself 20 minutes of me time. Then I take my shower and wake up kids for breakfast. It works best for me and my family. But it may look different for you. Play around and see where it fits best for you.
Rebekah F.
I typically eat breakfast before exercising, just because I prefer to go to the gym before work. A nice, hearty bowl of oatmeal is typically my on-the-go breakfast and I love it. But if I don’t have time to make it to the gym, I’ll stretch or do some quick exercises first thing and still eat my oats on the way to work. One way to figure out what works best for you is to try eating before you work out and after on two separate days and comparing how each one makes you feel. Opt for the one that makes you feel best and gives you sufficient energy for the day.
The R.
I typically exercise after breakfast, so that way I have some energy to get myself going. I know some people say that exercising energizes them when they do it before breakfast, but I have very little energy before eating, so it's important to me to get some food down before heading out.
To sum up, it really depends on your personal lifestyle. Do you have time to do it after breakfast? Do you have enough energy to carry you through a full exercise session before breakfast? I found out myself by both asking myself those questions and trying out both before and after breakfast, and figuring out what worked for me.
Nicole Y.
I like to exercise before breakfast. My stomach is t heavy during my workout and I find I make healthier choices as to not “sabotage” my exercising efforts.
Krystian F.
Personally, I exercise before I eat breakfast, because if I would do it after breakfast then I would feel too full to try hard with exercise. I like exercising before I eat and then reward myself with a nice breakfast.
Querubim Q.
Since exercise naturally lowers your blood glucose and it's already low after a night of fasting, you should probably eat something before exercising. I don't think it needs to be a full breakfast if you're doing strenuous activity, but maybe a banana or apple before exercise, then your bath, then the bulk of your breakfast after that, when you can sit and enjoy it, rather than gulping it down to get started on exercise and feeling awful. You will also know exactly how much time you have before you need to leave for work, so you'll be able to tell if a full breakfast is in the cards or you need to fall back on your fruit and nut mix or an energy bar that day.
Pamela T.
For me if I wake up in the morning and work out asked to be within an hour of waking up and I won’t eat anything until after the work out but if you’re going to work out in a couple hours after waking up you might want to eat something small like a banana or yogurt