What is the best way to motivate yourself to get out of bed in the morning and complete a workout. I feel that I often choose sleep instead of waking up and being productive.

Laurena N.
I feel like that a lot too. You just wanna rest and procrastinate all morning, but you gotta do something else.

Remember your goal when you don’t wanna work out. Is there a certain athletic goal you want to achieve, or an amount of weight you want to lose? Whatever it is, keep it in mind when you don’t wanna get up, because you can’t do any of that from your bed… except sit ups.

Lisa Q.
Pair the new habit with something you already have established. Also, include some kind of small reward or incentive for completing exercise each day.
Milos J.
I think to myself that I only live once ans this moment won't come back either way. so I decide to use it rather than sleeping and letting it slip out of my hand